The @GOP’s Great Schism

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

By Reed Galen

Welcome to the American Singularity.

It’s Martin Luther time for the GOP. It’s time to start nailing the list of grievances to the RNC’s door at 310 First Street, SE.

Republicanism, the Party of Lincoln, that once professed belief in freedom of the individual before all else, is now a bloated, corrupted, angry Dorian Gray version of itself. It suffers appropriately and accordingly for its sins.

Because we refuse to support a reality television star-cum-carnival barker, we are traitors to the cause.

Because we refuse to support a thoroughly broken individual, whose monomania drives his every action, we are elitists.

Because we don’t hue blindly to Trump’s brand of authoritarianism, we are “cucks.”

Because we believe in the equal dignity of those of all races and creeds, we are limp-wristed RINOs.

Because we now disdain the Party that backs the candidate who has made a mockery of Republican ideals, it is our fault the GOP is headed over a cliff like Thelma and Louise.

Because we refuse to bow down before the greatness of a man who neither understands nor respects the United States Constitution, we are weak and will get what we deserve when the time comes.

Because this man, on a moment by moment basis, is revealed to be the misogynist, and now a paranoiac, monster so many of us always believed him to be, we say no, no, one thousand times, no.

We will not stand shoulder-to-shoulder with nationalists, nativists and racists.

We will not co-mingle our beliefs with the alt-right for the good of the Party. If this is the Party, the alt-right can have it to themselves.

We will not debase ourselves and our beliefs in this country on behalf of a man who believes in nothing more than his own primacy and sees the Republican Party as merely a vehicle for his own aggrandizement.

We will not forget those who stood by this man as he embarrassed the Party and inflamed the country with his abhorrent language and behavior.

We will not forget those politicians, candidates and party leaders who betrayed common decency to stand behind a man who has none.

We will not shirk the responsibility so many of us bear for allowing the Party to drift so far that choosing such a nominee could ever be a possibility.

We will do the work to rebuild a movement — whether it is called “Republican” or not — that millions of Americans can identify with and be proud of.

We will not drop our vigorous opposition to an individual who is anathema to so many Americans.

We know that this fight does not end on November 9th. It only then begins in earnest.

We know that electing Hillary Clinton President is not the outcome any of us desire.

We know that many of those supporting the nominee have real, legitimate grievances with a system that has too often left them behind or favored the well-heeled and well-connected over the middle class.

We know that anger, vitriol, denunciation and division are not the basis of leadership, long-term political success or ultimately a better country for all Americans.

We know that we must find leaders who can inspire and empower the millions of conservative voters who feel voiceless and powerless.

We know it will require courage. This cause must be a race to the top; this feels like the bottom.

We know that the United States deserves better than what we have seen in 2016.

We know we bear responsibility for shaping the environment that created all this. That fact keeps many of us awake at night.

We know that we must be a part of fixing our deteriorating system and that many entrenched and entitled institutions will resist this reform.

We know that a functioning republic must have at least two healthy political parties that represent its citizens. If we need more than two, so be it.

We are measured in our tone, but passionate in our beliefs.

We are prepared for the task ahead of us. No less than the future of the Republic is at stake.

We are ready and willing to fight for what we believe — don’t be surprised when you see us coming.

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