4 things that are amazing to think about.

  • Dinosaurs existed. Animals that are as huge as skyscrapers, birds as large as our largest airplanes, animals that cannot be imagined today. They existed on earth, at a different time, in a different phase of our world. That is just amazing to think about!
  • Everybody has to sleep. You and I have to sleep. Everybody goes to sleep and becomes unconscious. We go into his state whereby we can’t do anything, we go into sleep mode. That is amazing to think about!

  • Babies grow and become something else. Those little people full of joy grow and become the adults you see in prison, in the car next to you, at the grocery store, etc. You too were a baby! That is amazing to think about!
  • All the things going on in your mind are going on in the minds of 7 billion other people. Can you believe it? Everyone of these 7 billion people have these same narratives playing in your heads, including you and me. Think about that! That is amazing to think about!