After all each person is an idea, manifesting an idealogical storyline.

I read a lot while traveling, it’s a key reason why I set out to visit other places. You could say that it allowed me to see and appreciate people’s stories and storylines, for what they are. It came slowly, over a period of time I developed a voracious appetite for reading, I can’t say why, although in hindsight it appeared to be an exponent of the malaise I found myself in, mainly fatigue and apathy. I gathered that the cause of it was due to the contents of my environment, the things I had absorbed from it, the ideas of things I had absorbed. In some curious way it came to me that I needed to read, and absorb more ideas, new ideas.

I wanted to better understand, I wanted to grasp a deeper insight, I wanted to better comprehend the nature of matter at hand. And the best way to achieve this in my position was to read. And I read all types of books specifically books that dealt with the human condition, the various stories of people in life. When reading stories like this you gather not only new information, but new insight, new perspective, new understanding and all of this at some point start to combine and marry with other ideas to form a new visual with which to see. That is exactly what happened to me.

My goal was to absorb new ideas. In reading I came to see myself, the people around me, and the human world as the conflagration of stories, rather a combination of stories, each person a narrative. And in the stories that we are in we can actually play a leading part in the story of us. However it seems so many times that you are part of the story, and it feels like one has to continue with a story, because for instants it is the social norm. My current story, I would say I’m leading it for better or for worse, I have a plan as to how I want it to unfold, and this is a decision. But unlike a character within traditional set up I’m not absolutely sure of the path because I am adjusting with each new step. Although I am confident that I will make do however it turns out (at least, I hope). I can lead my character well enough.

And yes I have gathered a slightly better (albeit incremental) understanding of the storylines and narratives we’re all a part of. I have a slightly better grasp of the individual, of the mass men, of myself. It’s interesting, because it’s as though I have a new sight, a new sense. And the cost for all this? A thoroughly and abstractedly sober view.

To wrap this up, I came upon this quote which I thought was apt but it states that reality shows you what happens, books tells you why something happened, the motivations behind the characters.