Interviewing people in the countries and places I visit.

Flamengo beach

In the traveling I’ve done, over time I’ve had many ideas and I’ve tried to manifest these ideas such as starting a blog or rather a diary to document the various things, observations that stand out to me. I did that with this blog/diary that you’re reading. I also had the idea to start to document all of the videos of the various things I take and locate them in a single place on YouTube. I did that. Also I had the idea to develop a brand, a social media brand platform with which to distribute the contents of my life of travel and I did that with “The American Traveler”.

However one of the most progressive and edifying ideas I’ve had is to start to interview the people who I meet on my travels, the citizens of the countries and societies I find myself in. Now this idea occurred to me while I was in Brazil and so thus far I have interviewed three people who have been so kind as to allow me to ask questions and put those interviews through my distribution channels. However there is one limiting factor affecting who I can interview, they have to speak English because I don’t speak many of the languages within the places I find myself in.

The first interview I did was of two students, computer engineering students with whom I had the opportunity of meeting upon my arrival to Brazil. I was in Porto Alegre which was the city I landed straight from Uruguay and lo and behold to the room to my right were another Airbnb inhabitants who happened to be Brazilians in Brazil. Within the short while I was there, 3 to 4 days, we became friends, went out to eat, we went out to explore various parts of Porto Alegre, and lastly on the night before I left I interviewed them about what their thoughts were on Brazil, what their aspirations were, who they were, and various other brief questions. I quickly edited it and put it up.

After doing this I thought to myself how substantive this interview idea is. Creating something that is informational and of mutual benefit to everyone who has the opportunity to view it.

Here is the first video/interview, if you have the time, watch it and let me know what you think.