Pictures from the climb: Escadaria Selarón, also known as the ‘Selaron Steps’.

Escadaria Selarón, also known as the ‘Selaron Steps’ is a set of world-famous steps in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are the work of Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón who claimed it as “my tribute to the Brazilian people”.

Jorge Selarón was born in Chile in 1947.[1] He traveled, lived and worked as a painter and sculptor in over 50 countries around the world before arriving and deciding to settle in Rio de Janeiro in 1983. He began renovating the steps on a whim in 1990.[1] Many times, his phone was cut off and he was threatened to be evicted from his house due to being unable to afford the living costs. He sold many paintings and accepted donations from locals and travelers to continue his work.

Selarón was found dead January 10, 2013, on the famous Lapa steps. His body was found with burn marks.[4]