Traveling & Getting a gym membership in Salvador Brazil.

A gym I joined somewhere in Salvador, Brazil

I pulled off an amazing feat in my travels this past week I signed up for the gym. So I am now part of a small group of people who go to the gym while they travel, and mind you, I see myself going every day in order to maintain this physique of mine.

I am in Salvador Brazil for roughly a month, maybe six weeks. And while I’m here I will be working as usual, studying, learning Portuguese, going to the beach, and going to the gym. Signing up for a gym I think takes the whole concept of local living, and takes it to a whole new height. Because now I feel like I’m engaged in a system of this place. I am interacting with the systems and for all intents and purposes I am a local, I am seen as a local, I’m treated as a local, that is until I open my mouth and it becomes apparent that I cannot speak Portuguese.

I know in regards to joining a gym here in Salvador that I have crossed the line between tourism and inhabitant. I did find something rather surprising though, the cost of this activity is prohibitive, and I’m sure only a select few inhabitants participate in it. A monthly cost is about $110, which was three times the amount of a facility like 24 Hours Fitness in the states.

The price point was quite surprising, however after thinking about it I came to see that most likely in a place like Salvador Brazil fitness is a luxury activity through and through, a very luxury activity.

Regarding the facilities itself, it is a nice facility similar to a 24 hour fitness, perhaps smaller, but it has all the amenities such as the locker rooms, showers, that one would expect from a decent fitness establishment. This is my second day visiting the place and I’ve been able to do my usual workouts, and for some of the things that I find I’m not able to do due to the lack of equipment I’ve been able to find substitute equipment that accomplished the same tasks.