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Why Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Matters

And how the financial sector can do more …

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Photographer: Nikkita Nair
Photographer: Thomas Sztanek
  1. Risk Understanding, National Policies and Legislation: Understanding, assessing and allocating resources to risk for source countries, transit countries and third countries. Countries without wildlife susceptible to IWT should still consider risk in being a transit country. Enhanced intelligence and information sharing with other countries FIUs, CITES, management authorities, law enforcement agencies and supervisory authorities. IWT should be treated as predicate offences for money laundering.
  2. Financial Investigations: Multi-agency coordination mechanisms should be in place to allow for intelligence sharing between FIU, financial investigators, investigative agencies and prosecutorial authorities. Authorities should receive additional and specific training concerning IWT and assets extending beyond trafficked products should be identified, frozen and seized. Parallel investigations (that is, investigations focusing on a predicate offence and money laundering offence simultaneously) are encouraged.
  3. International Cooperation: Coordination mechanisms like bilateral and multilateral dialogues, informal intelligence exchange, and spontaneous disclosure for urgent action should be encouraged. The UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime and UN Convention against Corruption should also be utilized.
  4. Private Sector Supervision and Public-private Collaboration: Institutions, both financial and non-financial, should assess their exposure to IWT. Public-private collaboration and information exchange should be encouraged and promoted.



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