Colors of the Week

A mini-series of color inspiration on my Instagram

Ales Nesetril
Jan 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Update: In May 2019, this side project led into launching

Looking for a fresh color combination for your next project/concept/idea can be quite a challenge sometimes.

Let me help you with that.

In November 2018—out of the blue—I got an idea to create random color combinations and started sharing them with my audience on Instagram for inspiration. I'm simply calling it Colors of the Week.

The selection usually features around 2-3 colors that look great together, which any of you can take and use for whatever you are working on.

Colors are selected randomly a few moments before I post them. I don’t really want to spend a lot of time on it, but rather use the current mood, feeling or ideas at hand to get inspired and match a few colors together.

Preview of the Colors of the Week format

Here is the deal

Colors of the Week regularly comes every Monday or Tuesday in my Instagram Stories. To get the next edition simply follow my Instagram.

Tip: You can also turn on post notifications if you want to make sure you don’t miss the next selection.

Every Monday in my Instagram Stories

Show yourself

If you happen to use any color I have shared in your designs make sure to send me a preview in DM or tag me on your photo/preview. I’m curious to see how you use these in action!

PS: I definitely don’t take credit for all colors or combinations that may pop up in the selection, because there is obviously going to be (or already is) something similar to it in the wild. Please be tolerant.

Update, May 2019:

As of May 2019, I have shared a total of 62 color combinations which marks an amazing milestone for such a small project and I have (accidentally) established an inspiration source followed by many.

Upon many requests from the audience (and also my personal motivation), I have decided to create a small website to showcase selected color combinations in one place. That's how came to be.

Visit live

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Stories, inspiration, motivation, project updates, tips and more, written and curated by Ales Nesetril.

Ales Nesetril

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A product designer from Prague, Czech Republic, who focuses on interactive experiences & mobile apps, currently co-leading a design team at STRV.

The AN Blog

Stories, inspiration, motivation, project updates, tips and more, written and curated by Ales Nesetril.

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