Design Inspiration Board #01

Selection of web design, user interface, branding and other design work worth sharing.

*Both popular and emerging designers included.

Curated by Ales Nesetril at STRV, who also saves these into his inspiration library. Feel free to do the same.

Note: This inspiration board originally appeared in my newsletter a while ago. I’m moving it to Medium from now on.

Mobile UI

History by Daniel Thomas for 3drops
VSCO Photo Library by Ilja Miskov for Peppers
Stock Indexes by Filip Prochazka
Mogu by Tang for MOGU
Personal Banking by by Jakub Nespor for STRV

Web Design

Stories by Bart Ebbekink for Unusual Pixels
Personal Website by Siddharth Arun
Sidebar Menu by Kerem Suer for Spoke by Alex Sailer for Focus Lab Booking by Jan Henneberg for Design


Exposure on Behnace
Ringana on Behance
M-Penta on Behance
Trace UI by Matt Yow for Twin Forrest
Car Connect UI by Prakash Ghodke

Pretty, huh? I agree!

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