Movie Review: Argo

Director Ben Affleck
Year 2012
Language English
Verdict Awesome
After a long time finally I am getting some time to watch movies. I maintain a list in my webpage, containing my recent watches with one liner comments about my takeaway from the movie. Today when I sat down to update the list, I found that the last entry was for March 2013. When I tried to recall the missing entries I saw there were not many. It is true that last few months were truly hectic and did not get much ‘me-time’ to watch new movies. I will talk about that story in some other blog may be.

Anyway I decided to write something on a regular basis to hone my writing skill. And so I am here to write a big fat review of Argo. This is my first take to write a review and just to give you a heads up, this review may contain spoilers.

Firstly I loved the movie, it is a great movie, I highly recommend.

If you are a Hollywood movie buff like me then there is a high chance you may have watched a long list of spy movies. And when you talk about spies it is always CIA other than Bond off-course. These people are handsome, cunning, well dressed, highly trained, there bare hands are better than any lethal weapons. In a word they are invincible. But in this movie (which is a true story by the way) the CIA agent Tony Mendez is a very regular guy. He seemed as tired as any other employee of any other company. He misses his family, mainly his little boy. However, like any other good employee, who is the key to the most important project, has to wake up in the middle of the night and go to work. The only difference is that if he fails in his assignment he may be executed without a trial and his own country will disown him.

This movie does not have any fight sequence, no high velocity car chase (oh sorry, there is one car chase at the very end, and it was high velocity too, the car was chasing a air-plane) or no theme music to give you an adrenalin rush. But those were not required, the simple way of telling this story will keep you at the edge of your seat. Every moment you will wonder now what’s gonna happen! and since in the back of your mind you will know that it is a true story, you will feel like Google to find out what is there in the climax. Do not do that, just resist for few moment and enjoy till the end.

Once again loved it!

P.S. This movie reminded me one of my other favorite called ‘Taking Palham 123' (just to be clear, I meant the original one). If you watched Argo and liked it, go and check out this movie as well.

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