Movie Review: Satyanweshi

Director Rituparno Ghosh
Year 2013
Language Bengali
Verdict Below Average

This movie was at the top of my watch-list, not because it was Rituparno Ghosh’s last movie but because I am a big fan of Byomkesh Bakshi. So when I saw the full movie is available in youtube, I completed all the chores for the day and sat down to watch it without any interruption.

Now it has been two days since I watched Satyanweshi, and it is still haunting me. Just to stop this irritating feeling I opened the book and the read the story again. As far as I could remember this was never one of the favorite Byomkesh, but just like any other novel written by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay it had its charms. Rituparno changed the story to sensationalize it.

A sexless marriage, a one sided love, a love triangle and an illicit relationship were added to the story, and the plot was alter to support these changes. However a very slow script (the pace of dialog and walking and eating and ‘phew!’ everything were so slow that I wanted to watch the movie with a 1.5x speed) and a heroine with some kind of resemblance of Choti Bahu of Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam could not keep up with the goodwill of the original story.

In short I was disappointed to the extent that I am feeling haunted by this movie. I am still wondering that the director of Shubho Mahurat and director of Kahaani got together as a director and protagonist of a movie and the end result can be so taunting!! My advice if you are a fan of Byomkesh or Sharadindu or Rituparno or Sujoy Ghosh, just skip this one for your own good ☺.

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