SPC Daniel Bailey poses before his fight. An old boxing pose inspired by Mohammed Ali and Gordon Parks. I thought to have the boxer to punch his fist at me while I’m using my fish-eye lens. I wanted to focus on his fist while all else is in the bokeh. Being able to be in the back room with the boxers prior to their fight was amazing. | 16 Mar 2019 | Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

My Boxing Photography Story

Shooting a Boxing Tournament

In 2019, I got the chance to shot a U.S. Army boxing tournament, which was something I always wanted to do.



Johnny Silvercloud on life, photography and principle. Johnny is a 20 year Army retiree who took up photography halfway through his military career. Life, love and universe through his lens, one shot at a time.

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Johnny Silvercloud

20 yr U.S. Army vet turned analytical street photographer who talks about power, protest, and politics. Do not defend racism or sexism when I’m in the room.