Internal Alchemy

The Natural Way to Immortality, by Hua-Ching Ni, Santa Monica: College of Tao, 1992.


The Chinese did not use pyramids, but they developed the knowledge of geomancy, which can determine whether the energy characteristics of a location are suitable for a grave or tomb. /v

People of profundity know that the religious way only touches the surface of spirituality; it cannot reach objective achievement. /v

Some people imagine spiritual life to be free of all worldly responsibility and obligations. Ordinary religions have long developed such imaginary goals which cannot be reached in any time, modern or ancient. A true spiritual life is built on a foundation of spiritual health; one must have the strength to be able to deal correctly with all types of responsibility, obligation and pressure. /vi

My father and mother never used the words of Tao or used spiritual teachings to deny any religion. They understood that spiritual truth is in everything, including every religion which is useful and unbiased. /ix

A person may go to a temple to renounce the world only to find that there are just as many problems in a temple as there are outside the temple. The key to resolving one’s problem is working on improving oneself. Thus, a spiritual life is not determined by where you live, but by how open your mind is to transcending your current situation and setting up the correct self-discipline./ix

I teach that responsible life is spiritual life, and irresponsible life is unspiritual life. I do not mind that other spiritual teachers do not agree with me. /xi

My experience and spiritual attainment still reveal to me that renouncing the world is self-deception. Perhaps it is helpful for a short time in one’s learning, but no one can really renounce life. I advise my friends to live differently from the worldly pattern, to be selective and wise. A person can still be active in the world during the daytime or business hours, and renounce the world during your quiet time or meditation at home. Any person who wishes can thus alternate between a worldly and a spiritual life each day without moving or retreating. /xi

Consciousness is the ability to be aware of more subtle levels of life. We increase our consciousness by removing the obstacles to consciousness, which are energy blocks within the mind and body. /2

The method I am going to teach you was developed over 10,000 years ago. What method is it? It is called energy manifestation. (…) Energy transference is done to help another person attain a state of balance or equilibrium. /3

Self-release is the first step of self-discovery and it is done by uncovering your energy composition, which is affected by your psychological condition. /5

When you begin to practice internal alchemy, your first discovery will be the latent life energy in the body. /6

It is impossible for anyone to achieve themselves if their energy has not been refined. Without working to refine one’s energy, a typical person stay on the worldly level and cannot achieve higher spirituality. /10

The earliest people were always trying to understand an conduct the subtle energy. The big events in their lives were all preceded by ceremony and divination because they understood that divination can reveal energy and that ceremony can affect energy, and thus one can change or control destiny. /11

Prehistoric people did not have any sophisticated intellectual development to confuse them. Their minds were not spoiled yet, and so they were not separated from life itself. They were still natural and used their intuition to discern things. /11

Only people who are kind, wise and virtuous earn a spiritual reward. However, when you practice kindness, you must have the foreknowledge to know that your kindness can cause you trouble. You will be exposed to contact with people and the world and will have some experiences in your external affairs. This is to be expected. /34

In life’s circumstances, when people know you are kind, they will exploit your kindness to get something. When they try to do that, you must become like a simpleton so that people will not be able to abuse or misuse you. Therefore, there is another guidance called being natural. Being natural means that in a life situation when it i correct to respond, you should respond. Being natural and responding correctly is similar to not allowing poison oak to grow in the flower bed of your front yard; it is being aware of danger when you are traveling in a world of people who are not totally developed. /34

Some of you are more advanced and do understand these truths immediately. In spiritual learning, it does not matter whether you are advanced or a beginner. You must start where you are. If you think you are more advanced than you truly are, you cannot make any real progress. You must start from where you really are — not from where you think you are. /49

Scientists worship machines, bacteria and fossils. They can create small things, but can they create the moon and sun? /53

It is not right to harm people with evil intentions. Some people are friendly and helpful at first when they come to you, then slowly they try to use you for their purpose and you suffer from their schemes. To have an evil intention is to try to get something for yourself in a situation and to not care about the other person’s interest. /55

In society, the North Star heading the sky system expresses the order in human society, but it is a great mistake for ambitious leaders to become attached to their power and want it to last for all time, when even the pole star changes. /74

Do not ever point at the stars, because it is against their energy. /74

Our shrine is the center of subtle energy here, so if you ask for anything in deep meditation here, there will be a response. If you ask for rain, it will come, so will money, friends, anything. However, you need to avoid vulgar desires because a strong desire will block the energy. The harder you try to hold anything, the more it will elude you. You must empty yourself first so there is a space in which things can be held. The Tao Teh Ching says: become void, become hollow. Never be too full. You cannot obtain anything new that way. Just sit quietly and let the impure energy go down and the pure energy reach to the Heavenly axis. That is the point I used, in the middle of your eyebrows, to pass the divine energy through. That point can respond to the North Star, which is the center of universal energy. I hope you use that point or physical location and build up your energy bridge to the universe. /77

You are a complete little universe yourself. Not only that, the three levels of your energy can connect with the three energy levels of the entire universe.

Lao Tzu teaches that there are three virtues that must come together. The first is kindness, the second is effectiveness, and the third is moderation. If you are missing any of them, you do not have complete virtue.

Spiritual development is not a lofty or selfish pursuit of dubious value; it is a practical aspect of life which affects all people’s lives. Everyone needs spiritual development, especially people who have the personality and capability of leadership.

The power that produces humans and makes one person different from another is the stars. (…) We say all stars bow to the North Star because they all appear to resolve around it in the sky. Without this order and stability in the sky’s energy environment, it would be impossible for human life to have developed. The North Star is the head of the astral order in this particular system.

It is truthful to say that mere intellectual education hardens people’s physical brains. When this has happened, even if many truths come to you, your mental resistance prevents you from making good use of them. How can you make good use of them? First, give up all mental resistance. This means, consider as possible some of the unbelievable things you hear or read.

Do not think you are intelligent. There is really no such thing as intelligence, there is only energy differences between people. The energy difference between someone intelligent and someone who is not is subtle and slight. Intelligence that serves only yourself causes trouble anyway. True happiness is not built on intelligence. It is built on the sincerity of beingness, or your original energy arrangement.

By immortality, I mean your subtle body, which is immortal.

If you do not make yourself even-minded, your life will not improve. Also, if you do not make yourself even-minded, you will not reach the more subtle sphere of life and you will never know that there are spirit lives that dwell within you and work for you. Actually, your difficulty is not that you do not allow your spirits to help you; your difficulty is that you listen to your mind rather than your own internal knowledge.

Ordinary people like to see wonders and miracles but they never know that every minute of being alive is a wonder and a miracle. The simplest things are the most incredible and wondrous things.

It is true that if you go through the process of spiritual cleansing your spirit will be able to connect with another kind of energy. You will experience that other energy if you persevere. It is so true and real; why deny it? Many people try to deny or belittle the importance of the subtle things without knowing that subtle things are stronger and more real than gross, material experience.

A place that is very cold or very hot never engenders or produces a civilization or culture which is well balanced. Places with balanced or even temperatures grow cultural flowers. Also, a day with a temperature that is not too or or too cold is a correct time to accomplish many things. (…) A good weather pattern is a suitable time to accomplish good things. Spring and autumn are wonderful times. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold.

We are not religious Taoists; we focus upon the natural way of life. Learning about the natural way of life is the way to attain the essence of millions of years of human experience and knowledge of life. In other words, using this knowledge to live a natural life actually maintains the essential wisdom of a million years of human experience. We use the help of herbs, acupuncture and other natural approaches to keep ourselves balanced so that we do not need to look for external help. This is much better than the modern trend of using mechanical means which keep a body alive but kill the spirit.

When young people who tend to have a lot of body heat do not find the right way to release it or use it, they join gangs and consider vandalism to be fun. Many types of mischief and many irresponsible things are done because of poor management of internal heat.

Philosophers make thinking their way of life, but I do not recommend that profession for most people; instead, I recommend a balanced life.

Generally speaking, in a place or region with cooler weather, people have better mental concentration and thus can easily produce mental achievements or expressions. A hot place surrounded by water could become an enclave for the creation of poetry, fine arts and religious development.

Lawbreakers, adult criminals or mobsters do not know how to conduct the heat of their bodies correctly. This results in the game of war on a small or a big scale. There, I sincerely request social leaders and people of knowledge to thoroughly understand the problem and help find a good way to guide people to use their own body heat in constructive ways.

Find a simple task that you can do well, and make it the positive focus of your life.

Depression, fear, anxiety and worry come when you have looked outside of yourself for your happiness.

It is not necessary to have any saviors at all, because each of us can save oneself. It is necessary for us to be our own light in the world. Even if you have a master teacher right in front of you, it is still necessary to save yourself.

It is possible to do a ‘spiritual disassembly’ which can make you understand and se that your life being consists of thousands of spiritual particles, all organized at different levels. These particles are the materials with which an individual can achieve a subtle life of immortality. From this practice, you can gain the truthful knowledge that you know yourself as a world. Your life consists of a big group of different spirits on different levels.

My personal experience is that all spirits can become your friend. It is only when you do not understand them that you fear them. They do have different spiritual energies; some of them are at the ghost level. The might cause you to have a body sensation of coldness or stiffness. That is different from natural spirits; that is the level of ghosts.

In ancient times, the undeveloped majority accepted externalized religion. They believed that bad luck, troubles and problems of all kinds were related to evil spirits. Folk Taoism does not teach people to admit their own mistakes and bring about improvement by self-inspection, self-discipline and self-cultivation. Thus, chasing evil spirits became a professional service and business of the folk religion.

You might ask me, what is culture? Culture is a complicated thing to describe because it has become conceptualized and segmented. I do not consider myself a scholar of external culture, but rather a student and a teacher of internal culture, of the integral truth.

Culture started when people began to recognize the natural rights of others.

How, then, can modern people say that ancient people had no culture? Even though people today have many types of religion, if you look at the facts, you will see that this religious culture if false. The teaching and existence of religions are also false. By this I mean, they are superficial, they are not the real essence of culture. They are external rather than internal and active within people’s hearts. (…) False religions use the concept of an overpowering god to try to tame people’s behavior.

In my work, I use the phrases ‘Integral Way’ or ‘spiritual reality’ etc. to distinguish real spiritual learning from folk or religious Taoism.

For those who are interested in true immortality, the dissipation of the ego can be attained step by step. Also, the sublimation or evolution of physical energy into high subtle energy is done the same way. Do you have enough patience to slow down your process of living so that you can live a long life? Almost all modern people like to speed up the ripeness of life, which also hastens one’s death.

Spiritual balance is a subtle standard; especially, it is a spiritual standard of being upright, not headstrong, but responsible in taking care of all aspects of your life correctly and suitably.

Basically, internal alchemy is accomplished by just withdrawing from extra or unnecessary activities of life and bringing that energy to the spiritual centers.

The Integral Way is a broad education rather than the partial education of a religion.