Nurture Your Spirits

by Taoist Master Hua-Ching Ni, Los Angeles, College of Tao & Traditional Chinese Healing, 1990

About the Author

Master Ni, Hua-Ching is fully acknowledged and empowered as a true master of Tao. He is heir to the wisdom transmitted through an unbroken succession of 74 generations of Taoist Masters from 216 B.C. As a young boy, he was educated by his family and then studied more than 31 years in the high mountains of China becoming fully achieved in all aspects of Taoist science, metaphysics and arts. His teachings carry the essence of all ancient achievement.

About this Book

Everyone celebrates the custom of Halloween with its gathering of ghosts, but few people seriously look for the truth of spirits in their lives. Spirits are different from ghosts. Spirits are the essence of our life being.

A person who is developed has a multitude of tiny spirits. In the tradition of Tao, a truly achieved Taoist is able to communicate with the spirits of the Havens, the Earth and the ancestors inside and outside a life being.

In ancient times, religion, physics and philosophy were integrated. In later times, philosophers and scientists separated the disciplines because their objective minds could not accept the truth as one whole. Religion was related to imagination. Most religions take advantage of people because they have no knowledge of spirits. In general, people cannot see spirits unless their vision is affected by certain disturbances such as illness or drunkenness.

If you are looking for spiritual clarity, this book provides a serious truthful answer. It comes from a Taoist who has directly learned the practices of the ancient achieved ones through his own experience. If you wish to attain a deep knowledge of your own life, you can change the direction of your search inwardly and objectively. With the correct method, individuals can know the spirits and obtain truthful spiritual knowledge. Then, no leader can fool them, nor will they fool themselves because of a lack of knowledge about the spiritual realm.

This book is about spiritual awakening. It will help open your vision to see reality as the new frontier of your own life.


Everybody has spiritual energy. However, a person can rightly apply his spiritual energy and express right inspiration only after having a certain amount of life experience. Then the energy can be put to good use. The spiritual energy combines with the wisdom obtained from the experience to bring positive and good things to our lives and the lives of others.

5,000 years ago, people did not create any religion. They did not know what the personified God was about. Today, two people or more with different beliefs will fight each other.

At the beginning, ancient spiritual achievement from the Taoist masters was just a symbol of all ordinary people. It was not exceptional. But the ancients had more scientific and matter of fact attitudes about their search. They were looking for reality, not for conceptual creation.

Each of you is the reality of spirit. You cannot live if you do not have spiritual energy. You can live, but your mind will deny the existence of spiritual energy. Even though your mind denies and says there is no spirit, you are expressing that there is spirit, because it is spiritual energy working with your mind: the essence of mind is spirit. But spiritual energy is not conceptual functioning.

Surely all of you have spiritual energy. It is only out of human vanity that we wish for some spirit more powerful than us to take away our troubles of life. This is how the conception of a powerful God arose. It associates with the trouble of the establishment of the king or monarch.

In the Bible, Genesis tells us the story about how the world was brought about. I do not have any argument with it because it is a metaphor. If everybody knew that spiritual books are mostly metaphors and did not take them seriously word for word, then everyone would be spiritually achieved. I think that many people believe the spiritual metaphors are the real thing and that brings about wars of different conceptual establishment.

The immortal spirits knew that when the universe started, it was just an energy egg. And energy egg! Today, we are still not beyond the energy egg. Also, each of us is a small energy egg. Although individually we are a small energy egg, we are also composed internally of numerous smaller energy eggs.

In Taoist teaching, we think the universe is a great, enormous natural energy field. Each individual life is also a small model of the universe, so individual life is also an energy field. When it comes to the deepest part of each person, the head area is the energy field of the spirit. The area near the heart and the middle area is the energy field of mind. The lower area is the energy field of reproductivity. Internally, once the three spheres of energy are harmonized, our life is strong and firm. If any one of the parts starts to break apart, then disharmony, trouble, mental disturbance and health disorders are seen.

It is possible to achieve oneself through spiritual cultivation because the entire universe, if you understand correctly, is an energy field. Such a big energy field as the universe is not subject to your control. What we can control is ourselves, our individual being. We need to learn, cultivate and attain the harmony within.

If a divine being exists among us, its base or foundation is no different than our own. The whole foundation of life is the same; it is based on achievement. You need to know some skills. In daily life, what you know about food, business actions and the things you learn is what you feed yourself, mentally and spiritually. So what is spiritual practice and exercise? All things are a manifestation, an attempt to manage your own life energy field.

Instead of trying to get a church or insurance to keep them safe, the learners of Tao increase their own self-responsibility to improve their lives.

The religious system supports monarchy and tyranny. It makes a strong image of tyranny rule over all of you. God, as the tyrant, can get angry and burn you or destroy you. You are scared, you have to be obedient to those people of the religions. Thus, you are responsible for giving encouragement to the political leaders to also be like tyrants. Religious training has made you ready for the worldly rulers. The fellowship of religions of external worship does not serve truthful, personal, spiritual growth.

External religious practice becomes an obstruction to further internal growth. After religious teaching becomes an obstruction blocking people from approaching their own deep self, it turns into a superficial show. Thus the level of religious teaching which goes from the external to the internal is not as deep as spiritual teaching, which grows from within.

Spirituality is different from external religion. The difference is that it teaches that each individual has an internal system. There is an entire spiritual system within each individual. If you do right, you are rewarded spiritually, because your spiritual energy grows. If you do wrong, you punish yourself.