A simple hack to protect your Mac charging cord from fraying and keep your working environment tidy

Often times I get frustrated with an untidy working environment. Wires here, and wires there. All tangled 😫. To top it off, my feet get caught up somewhere in between these wires and I find myself stepping on my dearly treasured, super white Mac charging cord with my not so dirty shoes. To me, that is as painful as hitting a speed bump. Many people can relate especially those that use Apple products such as MacBooks.

If such behaviour continues, I am afraid the life span of your charging cord will keep shortening and no one likes such expenses. Unless its on food or clothes🤷‍♀. Well, that is just me. I bring you good news from Julia Restoin Roitfield though.

Beauty is more about prevention. It’s more about being careful and maintaining my skin. I want to keep my youth and freshness and be wrinkle-free as long as possible

It is actually possible to protect your charging cord from wrinkles. I came across this hack and it has proven to be handy. Below is everything we need to achieve this in 2 steps

  • 2 pen springs
  • A marker
  • A hair drier

Step 1: Protect the edges

Neatly roll a pen spring around either side of the cord as demonstrated in the picture below. This will keep the edges straight and firm preventing them from fraying in cases of accidents that exert pressure on the edges.

End of charging chod wrapped with a spring

Step 2: Protect the remaining length of the cord

Roll the remaining length of the cord around the marker to achieve a spring-like behaviour as demonstrated below. This will help keep your working environment tidy and prevent you from stepping on your cord as it only stretches out the length you need.

Blow it with a hair drier to make the effect last longer and leave it rolled overnight.

Did I mention that you could use springs to protect the edges of your favourite headphones too? 🤔 Well, it is the same approach.

I hope this hack was helpful. Feel free to share the hacks you use to protect your charging cord in the comments section below.