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The tale of investing in people

Over time we have received a number of success stories from Andela Learning Community. With the aim of providing an ever-growing population of aspiring technologists with the resources and environments, they need to become world-class problem solvers, we have been able to train over 23,000 learners across 17 countries in Africa.

ALC Meet up in Nigeria

Learning is a continuous process and as much as we encourage our learners to own their own learning, Andela was founded on a simple truth: Brilliance is evenly distributed, but Opportunity is not. With the support of our Andela Learning Community partner, Google, we are effortlessly sourcing for opportunities and resources to foster continuous learning.

In May 2018, we kicked off our 3rd partnership with Google and Udacity, ALC 3.0 supporting over 15,000 learners. Over (50%) 8,000 learners completed the course on Udacity across four different tracks;

  1. 1,600 + Android Basics Graduates
  2. 1300 + Android Developer Graduates
  3. 2600+ Front End Graduates
  4. 2100 + Mobile Web Specialist Graduates
ALC 3.0 learners in Nairobi, Kenya

Out of over 8,000 learners, only 500 earned a Nanodegree Scholarship leaving a pool of enthusiastic graduates who also would like to get other opportunities to continue learning.

We are excited to announce that on Monday 15th, October 2018 Google launched a post-engagement program in partnership with Andela and Pluralsight. This program targets ALC 3.0 learners, Google Developer Student Clubs (DSC), Google Developer Groups and other ALC Learners.

All Andela Learning Community Learners can still redeem this opportunity here -:

Everything you need to know about Andela Learning Community by Rotimi Okungbaye

Appreciations to our amazing team of volunteers who are the foundation of ALC. We have been able to impact on a thousand Africans with the support of these Community mentors, Meetup facilitators, and Code reviewers.

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