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Mock Testing in Laravel

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The outline for mocking in Laravel official docs.
<env name=”DB_CONNECTION” value=”sqlite”/><env name=”DB_DATABASE” value=”:memory:”/>
$user = factory(User::class)->create();
Bus::assertDispatched(ExampleJob::class, function ($job) use ($user) {
return $job->user->id === $user->id;
vendor/bin/phpunit --filter bus_fake_test
Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\NotFoundHttpException: GET http://localhost/example/job
Route::get('/example/job', function () {});
The expected [App\Jobs\ExampleJob] job was not dispatched.
Failed asserting that false is true.
“php artisan make:job ExampleJob”
Route::get('/example/job', function () {
$user = \App\User::first();
assertDispatched($command, $callback = null)
assertDispatchedTimes($command, $times = 1)
assertNotDispatched($command, $callback = null)
dispatched($command, $callback = null)
dispatchNow($command, $handler = null) etc.



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