Animals for Hillary

I have known Hillary Clinton for more than 20 years and can personally attest to her intelligence, honesty and stamina during her time as First Lady, United States Senator, Secretary of State and Presidential candidate. When Bill Clinton was president, I supported the “Save America’s Treasures” campaign in 1999 that protects our parks and natural and manmade wonders for future generations.

As the owner and founder of PRAI Beauty, a global skincare line, I am also glad that Hillary supports small businesses.

There is no person more qualified to be President particularly when her opponent has proven himself to be a liar and a misogynist.

But the last straw for me was months ago when I saw a photo of his sons holding a dead cheetah that they killed on a hunting expedition to the Yukon.

I thought to myself that if Trump and his family were in the White House it would not only be a disaster for the people of the United States it would also undermine all the achievements of animal welfare advocates for the past 20 years. So we need to mobilize animal lovers to vote for Hillary.

Hillary has promised to protect and conserve our wildlife, land and waters. She will continue her work as Secretary of State in combating international wildlife trafficking and shutting down the U.S. markets for illegal wildlife products. The Clinton Global Initiative has already committed $80 million to curb the poaching and trafficking of elephants in Africa.

We need Hillary and her administration to support efforts made to end factory farming, close down puppy mills, end the slaughter of horses, and stop theme parks and aquariums from acquiring or breeding killer whales, dolphins and belugas.

Don’t let the polarizing nature of the campaign prevent you from voting. Hillary may be ahead in the polls, but this is not the time to be complacent. Do we want to see Trump replaced White House portraits of Presidents Obama or Washington with the heads of elephants and tigers killed by his sons?

I urge you to vote for her to protect our democracy as well as the millions of animals that have benefited from strong laws and regulations passed during the past eight years of the Obama administration.

Animals around the world need Hillary Clinton as president.

To help us elect Secretary Clinton, please get involved. On October 29th, Animal Advocates for Hillary will be fanning out across America to help spread the word. Help from your home, in your neighborhood, or volunteer with other animal advocates to give animals a voice in this election.
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