Goals Framework — 12 Week Year Formula

The January New year Resolution hype is over, and lets get down to business.

English is not my native language and I apologise for any grammatical mistakes.

Hi! My name is Jin, 27 years old and I am here to share my journey towards a better lifestyle. I will share my goals and different challenges I take up in this process. Basically I will post about 3 key areas of my life i.e Money, Health & Relationships. I mean this is life isn’t it and we all want to excel in these 3 areas.

As this is my 1st post, I want to write about the goal framework I took up this year. It is called 12 week year plan. Basically, we set goals for 12 weeks instead of 4 weeks (Monthly goals), which everyone do. I will share my Goals in the next post but lets drill down to the theory of goal setting before we start.

I basically divide my goals into different areas of my life in which I want to excel which all comes under the 3 areas I mentioned above. Then I set Long Term Goals (5+Years), Short Term Goals (2–3 Years), Ultra Short term (1 Year), 12 week year, Weekly Goal.

The structure that I follow is as follow

  1. Career: Long term Vision, Short term Vision, Ultra Short term vision,12 Week Year Plan (mention date), weekly plan, and purpose. Purpose is very important as it is the fuel to your motivation to put in work day in and day out.
  2. The above is followed for Business, Relationships, Health, Personal Finance, Personal Development.

The one flaw I have witnessed with this model is that, I get all psyched about the vision and lay out all the goals I plan to achieve in each areas of my life that I kinda stuff it in too much. I will have all the tasks running parallel and eventually I will burnt out of fuel and lose track of the goals.

To overcome this, I have decided to put only one area that I will work on everyday no matter what first 6 weeks and another area the rest weeks. So that at the end of the 12 week year I would have achieved the two goals I set. It does not overwhelm your daily routine and also you can enjoy life a bit.

Right now I am currently at my 8th week of my 1st 12WY (12 Week Year)of 2017. I am now focussed on Business side of my goals pretty much 100%. The reason I chose Business is Money plays crucial part in achieving the lifestyle I tend to achieve. Once I can sort out the money, I can work on the social dynamics where I can meet new girls every day. My current 12 hour job does not allow me to do that.

That is it for today. I hope I got some clarity in the framework of how to put goals in a structure. I am very new to blogging and I will keep this posts as journal style for now to make the habit of writing and putting my thoughts down.

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