Being An Anti-Racist Requires Breaking Your Silence

If you’re not calling out racism in your community, it’s time to start.

Rally protesting the integration of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1959. Source: Library of Congress

Americans across the country were shocked after watching the extrajudicial murder of Ahmaud Arbery as it was broadcast all over social media. Equally shocking was the determination that the video was released in an attempt to vindicate the murderers. Thus representing a problem with a larger portion of…




Elevating marginalized voices through focused thought-provoking content about racism, culture, identity, politics, society, and more.

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Arturo Dominguez

Arturo Dominguez

Freelance Advocacy Journalist: Politics, Race, Extremism, Disinformation | Editor: The Antagonist Magazine | Bylines: Latino Rebels, Momentum, GEN, more | #WEOC

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