It Was Our Moment, Not Our Blame

Gaza breaks out of prison

The Antagonist Magazine
3 min readOct 27, 2023


The Bulldozer — Gaza, Palestine
The Bulldozer — Gaza, Palestine by @beesanarafat on Instagram

Oops, apartheid wall broke down

And the cameras came up

So we yelled, "Free Palestine!"

Because that's what we yell every day

Our message never changed

Not since 1948

Why would you ask us to change it now?

Condemn. Condemn. Condemn.

I condemn 75 years of dispossession. I condemn that both my grandma's houses were stolen. I condemn that they were expelled from their lands and thrown into ghettos. I condemn 56 years of brutal military occupation and crippling siege. I condemn apartheid walls and suffocating blockade. I condemn 2.4 million Palestinians, of whom 50% are children, to live in a concentration camp. I condemn the detention of 5,000 prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons under wrongful circumstances, with 1,000 held without charges, including 160 children. I condemn armed settlers enacting violent pogroms. I condemn foreign occupiers waving guns in our faces, spitting at us, and hurling slurs at people with no one to complain to. I condemn the sexual exploitation of Palestinian women by settler men and guards. I condemn the Israeli government for cementing our water wells…