Streaming Services Hate Him!

Meet the man who gets Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime without paying a cent!

Sid Keith has discovered the secret to getting access to any movie or TV show without paying for it! In an exclusive interview we got him to share the secret with us.

“My friend, Steve has a Netflix,” he revealed. “He just gave me the login info for his.”

Incredible! With one easy trick, Sid got instant access to all of Netflix’s titles.

“Yeah, and my ex logged into her Hulu on my computer,” said Sid. “I just never logged her out, even after we broke up.”

With this technique, you too can get access to these vast collections of movies and shows!

“The Amazon belongs to my parents,” bragged Sid. “And if I want to rent something, I just use their card.”

If Sid can do it, so can you! And you want more money saving life hacks, hit recommend and follow us!