Release Schedule

Given that the App Store takes a non-trivial amount of asset curation and review time, we’ve been unable to ship the apps we’ve been working on to you, our adoring public.

Instead, we’ll be opting for rolling beta releases (primarily via Test Flight), to begin immediately after the project. We’ll roll out the apps in the following order:

  • Grasshopper: We’ll be getting this into Test Flight beta as soon as possible, since the founders of Grasswire want to test it, which is exciting!
  • Avocat: We’ll be putting it straight into Test Flight. We expect this test to be brief, with few objections.
  • Fortnight: To ensure our server costs don’t blow up, we’ll accept up to a few dozen beta testers. Ideally, from all over the world.
  • Blue Skies: Once Apple approves Test Flight beta status, we’ll accept up to the max 1,000 beta testers.
  • Mystery Box: We’ll put it on Test Flight as soon as we can get it to stop being stuck on 👍 Joe Biden 👍 (i.e., turn on the servers).
  • Hex Deck: As a real-time game, we’ll need to do some technical alpha testing before a bigger beta release. We’ll be doing the (max-1,000-user) beta release shortly after Blue Skies.
  • Swolemates: Straight to Test Flight, babies! 💪🏾 We’ll be curating some home gym owners to be part of the initial tests.
  • Lookie!: Since our target audience is a bit on the sensitive side, legally speaking, we’ll only be releasing this to friends and family until we can be sure that the app is secure.
  • snipppit: Since the app has several time-sensitive features, we’ll be putting it through a rigorous technical alpha before a more general beta release.
  • Tenderloin: Given that this ecosystem needs a sufficient number of pop-up kitches, we’ll be running closed events with chefs we know for the initial tests.
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