The Ingredients

Before the project, we asked for suggestions for general phrases;
key ingredients, which were each intended to be a launching point for one app.

You, the People of the Internet, responded generously, and we were soon buried under suggestions. We had plenty of name and domain suggestions, non-sequiturs, and even whole app proposals.

On the Sunday before the project, Alec and I first took to parsing that list out. For each submission, we tried to distill each suggestion into its underlying topic. For example, “a one-button app that is a dog whistle” became “dog whistles,” to better fit the format.

Then, we parsed it down. We ranked each submission on a scale of 0–3 and repeated until we had our 10.

Those 10 Key Ingredients are:

  1. The Iran Nuclear Deal (Avocat)
  2. Hex Color Games (Hex Deck)
  3. Bodyweight Workouts (Swolemates)
  4. @GrasswireNow (Grasshopper)
  5. Mystery Box (Mystery Box)
  6. Pen Pals (Fortnight)
  7. Collaborative Storytelling (snipppit)
  8. Self Publishing for Kids (Lookie!)
  9. Flight Anxiety (Blue Skies)
  10. Food Expiration (Tenderloin)

Thank you to everyone who contributed these delicious suggestions! From here on out, we’ll be picking one of these 10 at random each weekday and using it as a launching point for a complete app.

And of course, we’ll be sure to document in what ways the key ingredient flavored the app.

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