This is an email from The Apple Watch Project.

It Takes a Network to Make a Review

Greetings to all followers of the Apple Watch Project! We promised that you would keep up to date on what Medium writers thought of Apple’s new timepiece, and invited you to participate by posting your own impressions, as well as recommending, highlighting and responding to the ones in the collection. And we also said that when we reached critical mass, we’d take some of the best passages and compile them into a single, coherent (we hope) review.

And now we’ve done it: the definitive take on the Apple Watch so far — created by 25 Medium writers.

Please take a look. And we’d love you to respond with your own reactions, about the Apple Watch or the review itself.




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Steven Levy

Steven Levy


Writing for Wired, Used to edit Backchannel here. Just wrote Facebook: The Inside Story.