Showing Off your Apple Watch to your Friends— A Simple Guide

“Is that an Apple Watch on your wrist?”

How do you answer this simple question in a effective manner? How do you explain the whole point of your brand new Apple Watch? Here is my simple and effective guide. Trust me, you’ll need it.

Apple seems to have a problem in explaining what is the Apple Watch and why you would want one. I decided to devise my own way of showing the watch in order to make the story short but with enough information to convey the usefulness of the device.

You have to focus on three main areas: the time feature, a fitness feature and the convenience of the device.

You begin by saying that what you did get for yourself is in fact a great watch that you can adapt to your taste and occasions. Show them the physical attributes of the device and how great the finish is. Demonstrate the way you can change the bands. Show how you put the device on. Introduce the digital crown by showing how it can move content on the screen. Next, talk about the screen quality and the fact that you can read the clock in the dark. Show them how you select a watch face then how you can customize it and save it for later. Say a few words about the use of force touch. Tell them how precise the time is compared to a traditional watch. Repeat many times how the Apple Watch is a great… watch.

Next, because you think your health is important, you want to be motivated to stay in shape and this is where the fitness feature comes into play. Tell your friends that this is the best way for you to make progress to get in shape or stay in shape. Show them the activity app and explain briefly the three daily goals on which the device will keep you motivated: stand, move, exercise. Show how the data is displayed on your watch and how easy you can access it. Tell them that since you’ve got your Apple Watch, you achieved your goals and you feel better about it. And just for this, the Apple Watch is well worth it.

Finally, show them the convenience about having the Apple Watch on your wrist. Tell them how the device will silently tell you there is something important waiting for you to peek at. Ask your friend to send you an iMessage. Then reply with one of your own canned answers. Next, set a timer and tell them that until the time is up, they will be able to ask questions. I suggest that you set the timer to 2 minutes. When the time is up, pretend that you must leave or that you have some work to do. Say goodbye.

See, you don’t have to talk about how you operate the software. Don’t talk about the third party apps because, well, they are not really worth it yet. Don’t pay too much attention to the difference between the digital crown or the side button. You are selling the device, don’t overwhelm people with these mundane details. Don’t even mention the fact that you need an iPhone. So don’t show how you can answer a phone call on it because less and less people use the phone feature of their phone anyway. Skip the map too because, well, Apple should have skipped this feature altogether.

See, you can be an honest person who can make a great impression about the Apple Watch. Don’t deceive your friends or colleagues and remember this guide the next time you answer: “hey, is that an Apple Watch on your wrist?”.