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Autumn leaves blow in the breeze. Courtesy of Tremaine L. Loadholt

I have noticed a ton of you compiling your works into one, safe, snug-space, and well, I think it’s HIGH time I did that too. However, there’s far too much to load here, I will simply place some works going as far back as January of 2016. I hope this helps each of you navigate through my profile a bit better. It is my simple offering to a group of astoundingly amazing people.

Sky’s Falling Girls:

Sky’s Falling Girls & Aunt May:

Harmony: See Also, “Harmony, Missy, & Lacy Relive Aunt May’s Past:

The Jernee Chronicles:

Poetry & Prose:

In Publications:

All Entries to The Weekly Knob can be found there. Also, great writing prompt publication too!

Tribute Prose-Poems:


One-Lined Poems:

Light Up Medium! Light Up The World!

The Weekly Knob: Candle Prompt (LUMLUTW)

Collaborative Works:

And finally, Haiku:


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