Submission Guidelines

the writer archives

To make this work, we need some rules. Guidelines, if you prefer. While they are not many and not especially complicated, they are, however, specific, and at risk of potential misunderstanding:

  1. In order to be eligible to have an archive or collection published, a writer must have written and published a minimum of 10 stand alone pieces on the Medium platform, either independently or in any publication.
  2. Submissions must include links to a minimum of 3 pieces from the writers body of work (which you will recall is defined as a minimum of 10 original, stand alone works).
  3. Submissions that are listicle style, such as “seven ways to navel gaze AND drink your kale power shake smoothie all before 7 am” articles, or articles whose sole purpose is seeking endorsements or product reviews, are not eligible for submission.


Any article that suggests, or recommends an article that suggests an endorsement of, or alignment with racism, sexism, ableism, GLBTQ intolerance, or those espousing general bigotry and / or promoting discrimination of any kind will NOT be eligible for submission. Those include “in the interest of opening a discussion” articles that serve to only further a bigoted agenda. Please be aware that since this is my publication, my specific tolerance for this shit is low. Both because it should be, and because it can be.


If you have a piece that fits the above guidelines, please email me with a request to be a writer and I will add you right away.


You are then set to submit your piece via the “ … “ button at the top right of your piece. Choose add to publication, then choose add to The Writer Archives.

If you don’t have an archive piece yet but you like this idea and want to be a part of it, then get busy and write one. When you are ready, follow the instructions above.