Homage to Paul Jaisini Gifs from fans — aka Acid on Crack

HERE i WILL DEMONSTRATE THE demystification of the visual image. We, the gleitzeit inter group artists are against VISUAL aggression. READ: AESTHETICS OF INTERNET AND VISUAL CONSUMPTION — in pdf. related info Visual rhetoric related info Internet Addiction Disorder Virtual Reality Addiction Computer addiction the image of the eye (kawaii style — the enlarged eye, pupil) is being processed to animation due to the popularity of the gif animation as we see by the google statistics. Every day when we post a new gif image we could see that those images that have the more “acidity” AKA Rainbow Gif, Rainbownessss Gif, Rainbow Bright, Spectral Target, Eyes Hurt, Do Your Eyes Hurt Yet? are viewed by thousands and thousands of people. At the same time an art image of aesthetic value would rarely get this kind of viewership unless its “porn-worthy.” “MultiColour Rainbow Wave” in the category of latest visuals that are also unavailable for sale on some web site for the cell phones. Such images also sell athttp://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/rainbow-wave-royalty-free-image/159749115. If we look at these images from purely aesthetic point of view — they are quite bad and in the worse taste. The images with such tags #Multi-Colored Background, #Fiber Optic, #SoundMixer #multicolored #equalizer #backgrounds #spectrum #vector #coloredbackground #vibrantcolor #wavepattern #purple #lightnaturalphenomenon #smooth #modern #electromagnetic #physics #illustration #turqoisecolored #waving could be considered the epitome of the low culture that thrives on such “stims” as flashing images among other things. The widely popular images are exploitative and thrive on the need for “new” and “latest”.

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