Colonial days? Really?

The Big Plan got rolled out today with a gap-toothed smile. Facebook is taking its platform to a 5-G network, one able to keep up with bandwidth requirements today’s carriers can’t meet. Facebook will pay for all the development and engineering costs, making it Open Access — free use to all its competitors.

This is a breath-takingly disruptive move, one Facebook cannot lose. It has all the content leverage. The box makers will obey.

Facebook says its goal is to build bandwidth in developing countries. As that happens, the value of their platform goes up and up and up.

It seems doubtless that Facebook had India taking center stage today…until that PR campaign went down in flames around Andreassen’s unfortunate rant about the decline in India’s economy since colonial days.

The botched Facebook Basics campaign in India seemed at the time a huge business setback, but it was worse than that. India was more than too huge market to be regulated out of. It was also the planned centerpiece of something much, much bigger!

Brother Andreassen should be required to attend anger management classes — and should not get a bonus this year.