Hillary Whiffs a Juicy Chance

Hillary Clinton let a fat pitch get past her in last night’s Democratic Party debate, one she should have launched for a clean home run.

About half way through, Lester Holt asked her: “Why is it that Senator Sanders leads you by such a wide margin with young voters?”

Clinton responded like your typical political WIWE: “I have great respect for Senator Sanders’ supporters and will continue talking in the hope I can connect with some of them.”

She should have hit it out of the park by answering the question truthfully, without any fear of fact checker hectoring:

“Because he is the more radical candidate. And young voters often prefer the more radical candidate.”

If she had been willing to her hand-wringing handlers through a few days of real anguish, she might have gone for the whole enchilada by adding, “If I think back to when I was 20, I’d probably have voted for Senator Sanders myself.”

Her team would have had a heart attack, reading that second bit as a recommendation that young people should vote for Sanders. But the normal adults all across the country would have read it straight up as nothing more than obvious truth, and she would have collected points for confidence.


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