A Flock of Fish and the Wizards of Haphazardry

Rules,Laws, and all the Lies.

School of Fish? Who? Us? No way! A Swarm of Kids? A Herd of Humans? Let’s try a Boatload of BullS hit! (sorry, I broke the rules.)

Jesus came to fulfill the Law of Moses and the Prophets. He was compliant to perfection and then they crucified Him. What this means is that He ended the laws and replaced them with His Divine Love.

Man made rules and laws are meant to maintain orderly existence in a civilized society. However, that is usually not the result as history has shown. The endless and ever increasing laws have created the system we see today in America. A system that is broken beyond repair.

The end result is a culture of mediocrity that is continuously lowering the individual’s standards in all areas. Certainly, it is nobody’s fault and particularly not successive generations as it is self-perpetuating.

It is seldom the case that higher standards will pull up the lower, but rather the opposite. Education, and consumables are the obvious examples, but the decline is rooted in personal values.

Focusing on success has become an obsession as one can see the endless coaching available online as well as publications. However, it is noticeably flawed in most situations, because it lacks a key ingredient. Self-Discipline!

If one studies the creative works of historical significance, whether they be Literary, Musical, of Artworks one will find the level of discipline and long-term focus attained by the creatives was far beyond the comprehension of contemporary society.

One cannot create the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by shooting paint balls at it for ten minutes, or write the ‘Grapes of Wrath’ in thirty days while cruising on your skateboard; and forget about composing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on your iPhone.

It takes a lot of study and even more practice to scratch that surface. But, even before that can happen one needs to recognize the inherent value of the creations. Most of our culture wouldn’t recognize Real Quality if it hit them between the eyes. How could they if mediocrity is the standard they grew up with. It seems the old saying: “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right” is simply not “cool” anymore.

Maybe if the success coaches focus a little less on the wealthy person’s philosophies, and simply point out the obvious ways in which they maintain their existence. For example: Sure, they might be driving a Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz, but the inside of their vehicle doesn’t look like an explosion in a landfill. And they certainly don’t have the appearance of a head shaved ex-convict in raggedy cloths, or even use the common four letter words that litter online media. I’m not making this up. Just take a look at Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk. Their success started at and early age when they learned the value of disciple and higher standards. (Not those set by the masses.)