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Art of Production

How I defined success as a producer when I first started vs how I define success as a producer today.

Delivering on time and budget <> Producing work that works

Sticking to the plan <> Finding the right plan

Being able to lead a team <> Creating conditions for talent to thrive

Never getting it wrong <> Not letting my fear of doing it wrong get in the way of trying and doing

Following the process correctly <> Dismantling process that doesn’t work

Producing cool projects <> Producing results for clients, colleagues, users and studio

Controlling client involvement <> Involving the client whenever possible and beneficial

Communicating confidently with clients <> Helping clients feel heard

I hadn’t even realised the journey I had been on until we wrote the training for AoP, and I had to put down in words what I did and how I did it. I love this job so much; it pushes me to improve every day.

Where are you on your journey?

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