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One quick and easy way to increase profits on any job.

Welcome to issue 1!

Scrap the fixed rate.

Conventional wisdom has studios charge clients a fixed rate for a role when we price creative production, e.g. developer £1200 or producer £800, which doesn’t account for the higher cost of freelancers when you need them.

A developer on staff might cost £200, vs a freelancer that costs £400 a day or more. That’s 50% of your profit on that role, per day, lost. Now x that by the number of freelancers on the project. Ouch.


  1. assume every role on your project will be freelance and calculate the cost of the project based on those numbers
  2. add 60%, 70% whatever you want to make on top of that to get to your price to the client

That way, if you need to staff a project with freelancers unexpectedly, you won’t lose a chunk of your profits.

Oh, and if the client ever asks for a breakdown of your costs [politely], just say no.

Hey, thanks for following us. Stay tuned for more #producer life.

Since you’re here…

Our training company, Art of Production, is officially open for business. We are now recruiting to fill nine spaces on our first open-enrolment course, Selling Creativity (yes, the title is a blatant nod to Blair Enns’ masterpiece, Pricing Creativity).

The training is a distillation of 3 years’ intense study on how to sell creative agency services and what happened after I (Emma) applied all that theory IRL.

Suitable for experienced, senior producers/EPs and up.

For more info and to book a place, check out Eventbrite →




AoP is a training company. We provide advice, frameworks and training to build the capability of interactive producers — with our impact measured against leaders’ ability to escape day-to-day project delivery and focus on everything else.

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Emma Willis

Training Digital Producers | Co-founder, Production Consultant & Coach @ Art of Production | #aop | Helping company leaders work on the business, not in it

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