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Production is your (not very) secret weapon

We do so much more than manage projects

A significant portion of leading the production department in any creative technology business is communicating its value. Most businesses I have worked in value design above all. Then development and production a distant third. I think it’s like that because of a prevailing belief that production’s only purpose is to facilitate doing the work when in reality, its function is to design how we work.

This example from Spotify, in collaboration with Elsewhen, illustrates perfectly what I mean. By acting purposefully about how work happens, how teams collaborate and engage within the company and outside with clients and partners, production enables the competitive priorities a business will live or die on.

When no strategy exists for production, teams’ decisions are arbitrary and unpredictable, leading to under-achieving outputs and underwhelming commercial performance. In areas of rapid change, like creative technology, a business is only as good as its ability to learn and adjust course. If your business is a creative agency, production company or software house, it’s better to optimise for change even over efficiency. Developing a production strategy shapes the long term capabilities of a producing company to respond to change and deliver performance consistently.

What is a production strategy?

A production strategy is a plan that describes what you want the business to achieve (goals) and makes explicit what the production team should — and shouldn’t! — do, to achieve those aims. It provides a roadmap for the department, a plan for people development, staffing. It’s how you look at the creative process more like a supply chain, revealing where to optimise so you can produce more at a higher quality overall.

More than that, a production strategy provides producers with heuristics or “rules of thumb” to help them make decisions on projects more in line with the company expectations and values, even when leaders are not around.

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Emma Willis

Emma Willis

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