Paulius Sliaupa

Creation: Lilium candidum

Country/city: Belgium (Gent)

Why I participated in the project: I participated because of my strong connection with nature and the project seemed interesting how people relate to flowers, i wanted to learn more about it and to hear how others connect with it.

My narrative: Lilium candidum is my grandmother’s flower that watches over me when I sit on my terrace at night. It has a profound smell that fills the whole front yard in my village. One summer night after a strong rain I went to film this night creature. It was alive. The insects were dancing around it. This contact with the lily unfolded the deep mystery and the monumental slowness of the night. Looking straight into nature I could feel it not only outside but containing my own life in the vast darkness surrounding me. The lily became an entry point to feeling present in the night world.

Lilium candidum

Project: (Un)forgotten Flora

Project co-creators: Francis Annagu and Co-iki




Supporting art, culture, and research in Africa and Europe.

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Francis Annagu

Francis Annagu

curator, poet, researcher & doc. photographer

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