A Hueflow color palette

10 online tools for color palette generation

I’ve been paying more attention to color schemes lately and it is very important as an artist or designer to learn more about color combinations and their many applications.

Here are 10 online tools I’ve found, that may help you with generating ideas for using different color combinations in your art and design work (shown in alphabetic order).

Adobe Color CC Tool

You can set different colour schemes on a color wheel and use images to generate color palettes with this online tool. The great thing about the import image tool with this, is that it can then pick different dominant colors from within your image if you change the mood.

Example of mood picking from an uploaded image

Canva Color Tool

This is an interesting online tool that lets you look up different colors and tells you the meanings of them and shows good colour combinations to use.

Color Hunt IO

This tool hand-picks trendy color palettes for color inspiration.

Color Supply

You can try different colour schemes with a color wheel with this online tool. It will show you quick examples of the different combinations as well as gradient examples.

Color Mind

This color scheme generation tool uses deep learning AI to learn color palettes from films, photographs and popular art.


This online tool generates color schemes and can pick colours from images.


This is an online procedural color palette generation tool. It also makes nice transitional colors between linked colors.

Material Design Palette

This shows simple color combinations. Might be useful for UI and website design.


You can generate color palettes using uploaded images. This tool uses a k-means algorithm to generate colors using the predominant colors in your images.

An example of a PaletteGenerator color palette from an image (image ©️ Christine Garner 2018)


Generates different color schemes using a color wheel.

I hope that was useful and thanks for reading.