My Favorite Gumroad Stores for Illustration and Concept Art Resources

I thought this looked nice, made it myself.

From 2015 to 2017 I’ve been collecting resources and tutorials toward my exploration of 3D art, animation and Illustration techniques.

One of the sites I used a lot was Gumroad which is an online marketplace for free and paid digital downloads.

There is a wealth of digital downloads on Gumroad from people working in the concept art industry. I found many useful resources and I wanted to share the links to the ones I liked the most here.

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid or told to do this by anyone, I just think it might be useful to someone and I like making lists.


Dorian Iten
Accuracy a Drawing Guide lesson

Justin R Martin
Pose reference books

Illustration, Digital Painting and Concept art

Paintstorm Studio brushes and videos

GlowingRaptor Goods
Clip Studio Paint resources

Mark Molnar
Digital painting resources

Robert A. Marzullo
Art tutorials and resources

Clip Studio Paint brushes

Beatrice Blue
Illustration Tutorials

Franz Anthony
Illustration tutorials and artbooks

Florian Aupetit
Photographic references and Photoshop brushes.

DAUB Brushes by Paolo Limoncelli
Brushes for Affinity, ClipStudioPaint and Procreate

Armin Nelsyn
Clip Studio Brushes

One Pixel Brush
The Law of Increasing Awesomeness video

Camila Vielmond
Society 6 templates and painting videos

Brushes and tutorials for Affinity and Procreate

Cam Sykes
Tutorials and resources for digital painting

Alex Ruiz
Concept art tutorials

Foundation Patreon
Concept art tutorials

Matthew Zikry
Concept art tutorials and resources

John J. Park
Digital painting tutorials

Shaun Bryant
Sketchbooks and digital painting resources

Matt Dixon
Digital painting videos and resources

Mike Azevedo
Artbook and tutorial about color

Ron Chan
Clip Studio brushes

James Paick
Concept art tutorials

Concept art / digital painting tutorials

Titus Lunter
Concept art industry video talks

Devin Korwin
Digital painting resources

Digital painting resources

Justin Pichetrungsi
Concept art tutorial on cinematic painting

Concept art tutorials

Jason Scheier
Digital painting tutorials

Ars Fantasio
Digital painting tutorials


Zacharias Reinhardt
Blender tutorials

Jama Jurabaev
Digital painting and 3d painting

Kelvin S Tan
3D coat texture painting tutorials

Blender resources


McCoy Buck
Anime Studio/Moho animation tutorials

Game Development

GD Quest
Tutorials for learning game development and painting in Krita


Will Terrell
PDF Sketchbooks to look at

Natalie Nourigat
PDF Sketchbooks to look at

Anna Cattish
PDF Sketchbooks to look at

Enfusoft pattern tool


My Gumroad Resources (shameless plug)

Christine Garner
I made some brushes for Photoshop and Corel Painter

I will write about how I’m organizing myself with my projects and self-learning later on this year.