Some useful and interesting digital tools to help with Illustration and art study


I’ve been digging into my perspective studies again because I want to do a personal project which needs backgrounds and environments. A useful little free tool I have found is called Carapace, which helps you create grids for perspective drawing. I’m not sure if it is available anymore because when I checked the link had gone, but a concept artist has kindly made it available here:

Carapace in use screenshot.

Colour Constructor

Colour constructor is an interesting little tool for working out the shadow and light colours in your paintings / Illustrations.

Colour Constructor screenshot

Construction Study

I came across this while browsing obsessively on (one of my hobbies). It is a 3D Unity App that was designed for helping artists do anatomy construction drawing. It comes with preset poses and viewing angles.

Construction Study Screenshot

Simple Model Poser

Another App I found on is Simple Model Poser, which is a very basic 3D posable manikin tool. You can also change the light direction on the model.

Simple Model Poser Screenshot


This tool is another 3D figure pose and lighting tool that I thought had potential and is affordable, so I’m keeping an eye on it. I like how simple and easy to use the UI looks. If you could pose the models yourself it would be even better for what I’m looking for, but it comes with some preset poses and is in active development.

Theme Gen 2

I’ve actually been wanting something like this for ages. It’s a tool to randomize different options in helping with idea generation. It can be customized to have any phrases / options you want. You could use it to set yourself personal challenges or to brainstorm ideas for creative projects.

theme gen screenshot

I hope those are useful for you.

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