Three Desktop Tools for Digital Painting

While I’m getting my notes together for some more articles here are three little useful tools I’ve tried.

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid or sponsored to write, and these are my personal opinions.

Lazy Nezumi

Lazy Nezumi is a tool for fine tuning the pressure curve of your drawing tablet in Photoshop and other art programs. It has many useful features including stabilizers, rulers and scripting. The different perspective rulers are a useful feature in this software to aid in perspective drawing tasks. I’ll go into this tool in more detail in a future article I’m going to write on perspective drawing.

Gamut Maker

I’m looking into being more intentional with my colour schemes and learning more about colour theory. Gamut Maker is an interesting tool for creating colour gamut schemes for artists and designers. I got it from where there is an online and a downloadable version. To learn more about colour gamuts I suggest you look at a series of blog posts by artist James Gurney who goes into the subject in great detail.

Gesture Drawing

I know there are websites for timed art exercises around, however they are usually for anatomy and figure drawing. This is great but I have thousands of pictures on my hard-drive from all sorts of different subjects, (animals, plants, buildings, costumes…). Over the years my digital reference collection has built up, but getting around to practicing gesture drawing and speed paint studies tends to suffer from too much procrastination and overwhelm.

I found GestureDrawing on Cubebrush last week and I decided to buy it and give it a go while it was on sale. Its a timed image viewer that you can set to stay on top of all other applications. You just tell it which folder to get the images from and it does the rest. You can set different types of sessions to practice with and it changes the pictures for you in a random order. It is easy to use and it has already helped me do several painting practice sessions by eliminating the tedium and indecision of having to manually pick and arrange reference photos to paint from.

Are there any tools you use to help with your digital painting? If so please tell me in the comments 😄

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