Upcoming and updated digital art software worth talking about in 2019

I like to keep half an eye out on anything to do with digital art and painting and that invariably involves checking out updated and new software. Here are a few recent developments to look out for.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been asked or paid to write about any of these software's and these are my own opinions.

Krita 4.2

Krita is an Open Source digital painting software available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It just had a big update to version 4.2 giving it support for HDR displays, making it faster and improving the brush engine even more. There are lots of new features you can read about here:


MyPaint is a little Open Source digital sketchbook program. It is very quick and nice to draw with. It also has an unlimited canvas size feature. The developers are working on new features for the next version of MyPaint which look interesting (especially the spectral paint brush mode).

Blender 2.80

Blender is an Open Source 3D creation suite. It does pretty much everything to do with 3D art and even has features for doing animation, video editing and making games.

I only started learning Blender 2.79 at the end of last year but it turns out they have been working on a new version which greatly improves pretty much everything about the software (not like it needed it in my opinion, but why not…).

Artweaver 7

If you like testing Beta software there is an upcoming version of Artweaver which is working on improved brush and preset handling, interactive gradient tool, digital water color simulation and Windows Ink support.

Flame Painter 4

Flame Painter is a digital art creation software that specializes in particle brush systems. As the name suggests it is very good for creating glowing flame like effects, but there are many other brush types as well. They just released a new version.

Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo

With every new Affinity update there is always a sale so this one is worth checking out, but it is really affordable anyway. Affinity Photo is a program for professional quality photo editing and digital painting applications. Affinity Designer is a program that combines vector drawing and design with raster painting effects. Both have had a new update to version 1.7. I only updated the other day so I haven’t checked out the new features yet, but I can say they both load a lot faster than they did before.

Affinity Publisher

This is one I’ve been waiting for. Affinity Publisher is a publishing creation software much like InDesign, but without the subscription cost and hopefully a lot nicer to use. They have had a Beta test for some time now, but it will be officially released on the 19th of June this year.

Paintstorm Studio

Paintstorm Studio is a nice program for digital painting. It has been around for a while but it is always being improved and is very affordable.


Expresii is a really innovative digital painting software that simulates Eastern style watercolour. It is always being improved.

Project Gemini (Adobe Fresco)

Project Gemini (now Adobe Fresco) is an app Adobe is working on to simulate natural drawing and painting mediums. They are developing it with the help of some really awesome illustrators and artists so it will probably be something to get excited about especially with the rise of tablet based digital painting. Procreate look out… Hopefully it will also be available on desktop systems as I don’t own a tablet. If it’s any good I might consider getting one. Should be coming out later this year.

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The Art Squirrel

A publication for people interested in Illustration and digital painting.