What Design, Art and Illustration Conventions can you go to in Europe and Britain? ✏️ 🎨

I’m busy learning about the ins and outs of Illustration, but I haven’t been to any Illustration conventions yet which is definitely something on my to do list. I’ve been to a few craft and quilting based events at the NEC in Birmingham: my mum loves sewing so I go with her sometimes to help carry things. I also like to meet the vendors and craftspeople because they are lovely and you learn all sorts of things you wouldn’t from only reading books or browsing the internet.

I asked my younger cousin currently studying illustration at University if she knew of any Illustration conventions, but unfortunately she didn’t. I am sure her lecturers will fill her in on that at some point though.

It took me time, but I’ve collated some links of conventions I’ve researched from books and the internet and thought I would share them here.

There is also a useful resource run by the Association of Illustratiors listing upcoming events and fairs at: https://theaoi.com/events/.


Bologna Children’s Book Fair


Brand Licensing Fair

Brighton Illustration Fair

Illustration Fair in Brighton

Edinburgh International Book Fair


Alternative comics and sequential illustration fair

FrankFurter Buchmesse


Hastings Illustration Festival


Illustration Fair / event

London Book Fair

London Illustration Fair

Shrewsbury Bookfest

children’s literary festival

Spring Fair



an annual festival that celebrates sequential art in all its forms, and takes place every November at venues across Leeds and beyond!

Wonderlands: Graphic Novel Expo

Thanks for reading. If you know of any other Illustration conventions please let me know in the comments. 😄