Where can you get textures for 2d and 3d digital art?

I sometimes use textures in my digital art work to create different effects. The most common use in my 2D digital painting is for creating paper texture backgrounds for a touch of realism. You can create any type of canvas texture you want in the computer with tileable textures or scanned in backgrounds of canvas or paper. Sometimes I also use textures to add more interest to specific areas of the artwork. Creating your own scanned in textures from photographs or paint marks is often a fun and creative process in itself. There are ways you can create your own tileable textures as well, but I will leave that to a future article for now.

Since I’ve been learning 3D art I have also had a need for textures geared toward that, but the basic 3D textures (referred to as diffuse map) can be useful in 2D art as well. In 3D art tileable textures are often used to create different materials for your objects such as wood, stone, fabric etc. Photographic tileable textures can add realism. There are also some hand-painted textures available online but creating your own is probably the best way to go with that unless you are in a rush or can’t do it. 3D art also uses things like bump maps, normal maps and occlusion maps to create depth in the texture. Specularity maps create how shiny a texture will look and where.

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Here are some links where you can find downloadable textures. Free and paid in no particular order.


Graphic Burger

Lost and Taken

Quixel Megascans

Texture Haven

LuGher Texture Library

Texture King

Texture Mate

Texture Ninja


3D Total Free Textures



Pixologic’s Texture Library

CG Bookcase


Blender Market





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