A Story of Adventure

Janette Valentino
Aug 21, 2017 · 3 min read

She waits until the tourists have finished taking their picture. They’ve picked a prime spot to pose and take in the beauty and majesty of the inside of the Cathedral. They don’t seem to have noticed that they are standing in the middle of a labyrinth.

She has never been here before and she’s eager to start her journey. When they haven finally finished taking the many shots, she begins to walk the labyrinth — bringing in with her all that she wants to bring into her life.

When she gets to the center, she stands and reflects a bit and then follows the path out, letting go of all that she needs no longer. On her way, she passes a couple walking separately. They exchange pleasantries and she appreciates their energy — it’s as if they, like she is, are prepared for a day of Adventure.

She visits the tourist shop and then she goes outside and sits in the little park next door. The sun is shining and it’s an unusually warm day.

She feels most comfortable keeping to herself, but she knows that real adventure often has an element of stretching herself — even in small ways.

She’s getting hungry so she asks someone nearby if they’re from here and if they have any restaurant recommendations. They speak for a while and she gets some suggestions with her map in hand (she still likes maps).

On the way to the area with a few of these restaurants, she takes a little detour and stops in at a little bakery. She feels a little uncomfortable asking as she’s not sure what to ask for. She’s looking for a savory snack before lunch and so again, she stretches herself and asks the woman next to her for any recommendations she might have.

As she steps outside and takes in the sights and sounds around her, she feels as if she is in another country. She can feel the pulse and the feel of being somewhere new — the freshness and excitement of discovery is tangible. She begins walking toward the restaurant area, taking her time — taking in the sights and the energy around her.

She thinks back to the many adventures she has had. Bold moves she has made to other countries, starting new careers, the many times she has moved and started over.

She knows that adventure brings with it that feeling of excitement, of something new, of the unknown and of doing something that feels a bit uncomfortable.

She knows that everyone has their own definition of what adventure feels like. And she knows that for her, the best kinds are travel adventures — even in a neighboring town or a new neighborhood.

She can easily tap into the adventure spirit and feel that extra energy of doing something out of the ordinary, of exploring something she hasn’t seen before.

She knows that the more she taps into adventure, even in small ways, the lighter things feel. There is a curiosity and an openness that is there at all times.

As she walks by the restaurants, she is instantly drawn to one of them. She is greeted warmly by the server and she sits down outside. She opens the menu and is very aware of the feelings of adventure that each part of this day is bringing with it.

There is a feeling of expansiveness, expectation and possibility — all things that bring her fulfillment and inspiration. She looks at the menu & thinks, “What new things might I try today?”

Mood Lady images drawn by Debra Valentino.

A collection of Mood Lady Stories is available for purchase. A digital version is coming soon.

The Artful Journey

Musings, Reflections & More on Living Creatively & Consciously

Janette Valentino

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Personal & Professional Development Coach who is sparked by Creative & Conscious work, play & life.

The Artful Journey

Musings, Reflections & More on Living Creatively & Consciously

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