18 Things That Are Not Worth the Mental Cost

Or the subsequent energy drain.

Tim Denning
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8 min readJul 8, 2020


Your mind is like a car full of gas. Everyday tasks deplete it of energy. You only have a certain amount of fuel in the tank before you run out.

So where will you spend your mental energy, because everything has a mental cost. When your mental energy is depleted, you make the worst decisions without even realizing it. Don’t pick out a wedding cake when you’ve got zombie mind. The cake will taste disgusting and make your guests vomit.

There are many daily activities, people, requests and categories associated with mental drain. Here are the things that are definitely not worth the mental cost.

An invitation you instantly search for an excuse to decline

A bloke I know on another social media platform asked me to speak at their $9 USD writing course. That’s right! Nine bucks and you can change your life. The moment the message came through, I was talking my way out of it like a hostage negotiator.

“Step down from the ledge. Don’t touch anybody. I have a chicken dinner on that particular Thursday night with the in-laws. You won’t miss me. I’m a terrible writer. Nobody reads my work. You don’t want to do this. Ryan Holiday is available. He told me so. Give him a call and tell him I sent you.” (Sorry Ryan — desperate times call for desperate measures.)

If your instant reaction is to search for excuses to a request, the request is not worth your time. Say no politely and don’t feel the need to justify your decision. If they think you’re an a-hole then that’s their problem not yours.

Social media comments

Content goes viral, not comments.

Everyone’s a critic but not a creator.

A comment is not fact. A link is not fact. A hateful message doesn’t solve world peace or give food to the hungry. Take action on comments sparingly. If today is an overwhelming difficult day then you can get back a little mental energy by staying out of the comments section.

Emails from people who are having a bad day



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