3 Unusual Side Effects of Selling on Flippa

From a six-figure website flipper

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I’m a Flippa seller. Flippa is an online platform where buyers and sellers can come together to conduct business around buying and selling websites and domains.

I first discovered the platform almost 10 years ago.

I was stuck in a dead-end job and I was really looking for anything to take me away from that position and help me become an entrepreneur.

So I stalked the platform for a long time until I finally found a listing I wanted to bid on. I actually ended up winning that bid, which was for a website selling Twitter fans and likes.

I bought it for $350.

A month into that project and about two sales later (I literally did nothing to get these website sales), after realizing that I knew absolutely nothing about marketing, I had to abandon that site and yet again move on to the next big thing that would help me reach my dream of entrepreneurship.

Today, almost a decade later, I am an entrepreneur.

I help business owners reach their goals to grow their business, grow their online traffic and sales. I’m a digital marketer and I also do freelance copywriting. And, I flip websites on the side.

How Flippa Came Up Again For Me

I was selling my very first blog and I turned to Flippa to help me with the sale.

I ended up banking a cool five figures on that blog (which was under a year old) and I was super happy with the results.

I actually ended up getting tons of traffic and lots of interest across the internet from that one website listing.

And this leads me to three unusual side effects of selling on Flippa…

Before I share these three side effects of selling on Flippa, I want to share that since that blog sale, I have gone on to create and flip dozens of websites, making over six figures from flipping websites and blogs.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to do, with little startup capital and no knowledge of tech whatsoever. I’m hardly tech-savvy and even I can do it.

If you’re curious about flipping sites, I encourage you to look into it. It’s a side hustle that can turn full-time easily and it’s super rewarding and very lucrative, too.

Okay, here are the three side effects I saw from selling on Flippa:

1. Leads for Business

First of all, Flippa is a huge marketplace.

It’s seen by people and, chances are, if you’re in the market to buy or sell a website or domain, you will come across it on the internet.

Just from preparing your listing and having it live, you have the chance to get so many leads and business, even if your website does not sell.

And that’s exactly what has happened to me.

I have gotten requests to do business audits, business coaching, consulting, website builds and development, digital marketing, and more.

And again, this is regardless of whether or not your website sells.

2. Invitations to List on Flippa for Free

Another cool benefit of selling on the platform is that you may be invited to list a website for free in the future.

Now, while it’s already pretty affordable to get listed on Flippa, if you get the opportunity to list your website or domain for free, that’s awesome.

These invitations do not happen often so if you happen to get one, take advantage if you can.

3. Building a Reputation Online

With your Flippa profile, you can actually advertise your business.

You can list your profile name as your business URL with a logo and when people see your profile, it’s an opportunity for traffic to your site. Boom.

And there you go, three unexpected benefits of listing on Flippa! Want more info on website flipping? Head to my blog, Millennial Nextdoor, to learn more!

A coffee obsessed, Netflix binge watching cat mama writing over at https://www.millennialnextdoor.com. Writer for hire: hello@millennialnextdoor.com

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