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40 Insights to Make You Happy From The Heart

Lessons in happiness according to you.

Hardik Mangukiya
Sep 28 · 9 min read

If you’re binge-eating ice cream, you’ll be happy for one hour. If you enjoy a picnic, you’ll be happy for one day. And if you receive a medal for work, you’ll feel happy for one week.

After that, life will be the same as before. Yet, many people crave those fleeting experiences. They want the “ultimate level” of happiness.

Partying, drinking, shopping — all make you happy. And that’s why you do it. But still, you won’t reach that level of happiness because these things aren’t meaningful. It’s for fun.

A simple way to endure in-depth happiness is by creating meaningful experiences. That you can remember for years. The real question is, what provides meaning?

I asked this question to 50+ strangers and collected ideas. I brainstormed it from my experiences. It provides the meaning to feel in-depth happiness, not some random fleeting experiences. Some ideas are tough to implement, but it leads to real fulfillment. So, Let’s start.

  1. Kids are the happiest creatures. If you closely observe, they easily forgive their friends and play with them as nothing happened. So, find them and spend as much time with them.
  2. When you don’t have enough money or resources, still share it with people who need. You’ll feel amazing. I witnessed a different level of hospitality in the village people. They don’t have big houses, money, and luxury, but they provide the stay, food, and everything if you become their guest.
  3. When you earn for the first time, gift first note to your most loving person. It does not just make you happy, it’s a memory that you never forget for a lifetime.
  4. When everyone believes that you can’t do it and still you chase your goals. It makes you happy within because you trust your inner voice more than others.
  5. If you have nothing and you smile — not just fickle smile but a genuine one. When you see the children from poor countries, they seem as happy as children who have all of it. Go to YouTube and see videos of these children.
  6. If you’re not expecting something and surprisingly it happens. How would you feel? So, learn to lower down expectations from people, from family and spouse, from even yourself. Prioritize it.
  7. If you take life as a challenge and see it as a beautiful journey. You feel deeply happy. Not everything happens as you planned, but four-five things still are amazing.
  8. When you take an interest in other people’s lives and stories. You learn something new every day. When I’m free, I call some random people and ask about their life stories. It’s a fascinating experience.
  9. Help people to solve problems. “If you genuinely took someone out of the blunder, you could see happiness in his eyes.” One stranger told me.
  10. If you really want the ultimate level of happiness, the only way you get by being crazy. Being right or wrong is the biggest trap. If you try to be too smart, you make life tight. You may get a good job or complements for the first impression. But deep down, you know it’s fake. Put your logic aside and push your limits to do crazy things. Who cares if you’re sad or happy? No one except you.
  11. The best thing you can learn is to love people without expectations. And yes, aim to do more for them than they do it for you.
  12. Learn new skills that you don’t feel comfortable at. It doesn’t only make you feel good but also bring a smile on other people’s face. You can multiply the happiness. I saw a guy who learned guitar and every day he plays it for people in the park. Within five minutes, he attracts more than 100 people and sings songs for them.
  13. Talk with your spouse for at least 10 minutes a day even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes we’re obsessed with new things, new pics, new people. These 10 minutes aren’t that much, but it’s little memories. When you’re alone. These little things will be with you forever.
  14. Feel the nature, when you see it as your part of life, your mind thinks beyond the socio-cultural borders. You become big at heart.” Said Narendra Modi. Prime Minister of India.
  15. Walk 30 minutes daily in the lush green garden. It doesn’t only keep you energized for the whole day but also reduce stress.
  16. Write every day, not to publish but jot down ideas from the day. You won’t remember every detail you think the whole day. And It’s therapeutic, you can heal your mind fast. You may not notice the difference in one day, but with time, you’ll see it.
  17. Learn to take things less personally. People throw shit even if they don’t know your business. To be honest, I have been there too. I listened to each and every word from others. But when I realized it was outraging me than I stopped giving a fuck for others.
  18. Realize the fact that you spend only one time on this planet. So, better is to stop focusing on things that don’t make you deeply happy. I don’t know why people underestimate this reality. You have a few decades to live your life. By knowing this fact, you automatically stop giving attention to bullshit things.
  19. One of the best things I understood to make me happy is to live with the flow. Create a life under your control. If you depend on external sources, your life won’t go as planned. Do what’s the best for you and stop pressurizing. Don’t even try to know everything. Start living like water. It takes shapes according to bowl.
  20. Focus on fewer things and more experiences. Less friends, less shopping, less knowledge. Instead, do more talks, more travel, useful reading.
  21. Have you ever became grateful for your existence? Most people aren’t. Do you know more than 100k people don’t wake up in each morning because of a heart attack? Why shouldn’t we celebrate our existence?
  22. One thing I did for myself is to stay true for everything. If you lie to someone, you have to speak another lie to suppress the previous one! It creates guilt, regret, and rejection. So, simple and time-saving attitude is to live with honesty.
  23. Enjoy the small moments. People complaints about flights that their services are bad. They complaints even when they get a window seat! Wouldn’t be it’s amazing to fly in all over the world? Why do we lament about small things? If you’re catching yourself at this moment, you’re missing the great part of living.
  24. Do yourself a favor and stop living in the past or future. Don’t pretend that you “will” do this. Actually, you don’t exactly know. And the past can’t be changed. Only you can control now.
  25. Be a reason behind the smile on other’s face. In my country, India, a gentleman Mr Anoop Khanna serves daily meals under 8 cents. People who don’t have much money can buy a full plate launch under small amount. Happiness is into giving.
  26. Not everyone accepts you as you are. It’s because they are different. Stop assuming this for goodness sake. Their opinions rarely match with your reality. Lots of people told me I’m negative, that doesn’t mean I’m. I know I’m imperfect, and it’s okay.
  27. We can’t live without someone, and no matter how you handle loss, still you need that person. It’s natural. In this situation, only patience can make you happy. When you grieve, affirm your mind to be stable. Your mind heals, and the storm will pass.
  28. Take responsibility for your work, business, job, feelings, relationship, thoughts, and pretty much everything. It’s difficult, but you’ll get what you want, and you’ll do what you love. I never settled for other’s version of me.
  29. Turn negative things for your benefits. If you can survive in the toughest time such as loss, you can survive in any condition. And the best attitude is to focus on happiness. You can’t stop the rain, but you can buy the best umbrella. So, learn the art of surviving. Be a master survivor.
  30. Love people above your limits. If you expect from them, they won’t do it. Other people don’t care until you first show your concerns for them. Everyone expects love from others, so giving it free to make people lovable. You don’t know who will be your partner tomorrow!
  31. Don’t make the problem bigger by pushing it into the negative side. Leave as it is if it looks impossible to solve. Time reveals the different stores. If you closely observe yourself, you can control the situation. You may not stop it but can live with it.
  32. You won’t get everything, no matter how hard you put efforts. Our imaginary world is far from reality. If you blame others for your needs, you won’t be happy. Instead, lower your standards. And if you get everything, still your mind demands more. It never ends.
  33. Choose relationships wisely. Not all people are ready when you need them the most. That’s why I only have a few friends, not the army of unwanted people.
  34. Say thank you and sorry more for genuine reasons. It builds an honest connection with people and with yourself. When you say sorry to someone, that means you’re admitting your faults.
  35. Ask yourself a series of questions for checking the happiness level. “Am I really happy?” “How my mood is all the time?” “Am I lying to myself?” These types of questions discover the reality behind your emotional state. It alters fleeting happiness and deep happiness.
  36. One thing I noticed is that over-analyzing the situation only cause confusions. Most obstacles are way simpler to solve. I don’t believe in philosophy because it’s a series of biased thoughts. That’s why I don’t waste my time to read more books. I read books that are based on experiences or practical solutions. I trust in real-life stories. When I observed people, what I found is that believing in different perspectives is the biggest cause of stress. Most advice out there is ridiculous. I don’t buy this. When I read any book, I implement what the author says, and if it works, then I read more. When you eliminate an overwhelming dose of information, you’ll automatically boost your happiness level.
  37. Believing in 24/7 happiness is misleading. Negativity hits and life doesn’t always go best. Actually what matters is the level of your happiness. Fleeting emotions are unstable. If you really want to be happy for a long time, then work for long term goals and relationships. Not for fun moments.
  38. Stop working more than 6 hours a day even if you love your work. Develop a system or start a business that allows you to do so. Look, there is nothing wrong with working more, but if you spend time with people and your loved ones, you’ll feel happy more. If you’re earning enough, then stop working for extra hours. Use this time for happiness. Socialize, learn something new and do whatever you like. It’s your time.
  39. Learn to express positive emotions as well. When you’re angry, you can easily show it. When you’re sad, you can share your problems. But when you love someone, it’s not natural. Learn to share kindness, compassion, niceness, regrets, gratitude, and acknowledgement. You don’t know, but your mind can do astonishing things when you start expressing positive emotions.
  40. Envy steals happiness. Someone is better than you reflect their standard of life. And I don’t think there is a chance of comparison. You’re responsible for your life, so they’re for theirs. If you have three times food, a roof over your head, and money is coming into your bank account. You’re the top few people. Expecting best from your life is good but when you catch your mind envying. Than embrace what you have accomplished. And compare your yesterday with today. It makes you a better day by day.

A few days ago, I was in trouble. Suddenly my friend called me midnight. She was frustrated and weeping. I didn’t utter a word for 20 minutes. After the call, she said, “thank you for understanding me.”

I listened to her even if I was running in a problem. Seriously, It was the toughest job.

Still, I was happy, deeply.

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A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment.

Hardik Mangukiya

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Big believer in Positive Psychology, and helping you to create thriving and happier life from the heart.

The Ascent

A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment.

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