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6 Fears You Must Overcome for Accomplishing Great Things in Life

These fears prevent you from accomplishing great things.

“Courage is knowing what not to fear.”
— Plato

You’ve all heard of Plato. This very famous philosopher of the classical period in ancient Greece founded his own current of thought: Platonism.

Plato worked on a wide range of subjects, among which was fear. Fear is something fundamental that is found in all humans. This feeling has not changed since the time of Plato.

On the other hand, the reasons why we are afraid have changed. Plato rightly considered that true courage is knowing what you should be afraid of and what you should not be afraid of.

In this day and age, if you want to achieve great things in your life, you are going to have to be brave and overcome 6 essential fears that have no reason to exist.

1. Change

You’d be surprised how many people are afraid of change. Perhaps you are one of them. It’s true that it’s always nice to stay within your comfort zone.

You feel in control and don’t have to take risks by confronting new issues.

While the comfort zone is appealing because it’s reassuring, it has never allowed anyone to achieve great things in life.

In life, bold people are rewarded, while those who refuse to change and remain in their little comfort zone will never move forward.

In order to achieve great things in your life, you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone.

It’s never easy at first, but little by little you’ll make it a habit.

You must understand that change is inevitable in life.

Whether you like it or not, things will change and evolve. If you resist change, you will be one of those who will undergo it.

Renowned author and speaker Jack Canfield shares his vision of change:

“Change is inevitable in life. You can either resist it and potentially get run over by it, or you can choose to cooperate with it, adapt to it, and learn how to benefit from it. When you embrace change you will begin to see it as an opportunity for growth.”
— Jack Canfield

In order to no longer be afraid of change, you must consider that change always offers new opportunities to be seized.

If you are able to anticipate change, you will be able to embrace it first, and you will benefit the most from it.

It is up to you to overcome your fear of change.

2. Loneliness

All too often I still meet people who don’t dare to do what they really want for fear of being misunderstood and being alone.

Loneliness is something that frightens many people.

I have to admit that it is never pleasant to be alone in front of everyone in life.

However, sometimes it’s a price to pay if you want to do things your own way and see your most ambitious projects through to the end.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos believes that being misunderstood is part of the game:

“I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate.”
— Jeff Bezos

People who innovate and propose solutions to society’s problems by thinking outside the box are often initially misunderstood.

They find themselves alone and many people will point the finger at them and see them as whimsical people.

You must make the choice to pursue your most ambitious ideas and goals or give in to the society’s codes.

If you decide that you want to accomplish great things in your life, you will accept the loneliness that this can mean in some cases.

Your determination will only be strengthened because you will have in mind that the people who call you fancy yesterday will be the same people who admire you tomorrow.

3. Failure

You may be one of the people who hate failure more than anything else in the world. I understand you perfectly well because I was one of those people for a long time.

And then one day I started thinking and studying the successes of entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

Suddenly, something became obvious to me:

Failure is an integral part of the process leading to success.

People who never fail are people who do not try anything new and will not be very successful.

Elon Musk, who founded Tesla or SpaceX, says:

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”
— Elon Musk

Failure is an existing option. You should know that failure is possible, but it should not stop you.

As Elon Musk confirms, if the things you do never fail, you are not innovating and remain in your comfort zone.

You must therefore absolutely overcome your fear of failure and see it as a stepping stone to your future success through the essential lessons it will teach you.

4. Rejection

Like failure, rejection is a major fear for many people. This fear is so great for some that they will end up not trying anything new.

You learn more from rejection than from success.

When you are rejected, you can react in two different ways: the good and the bad.

The bad way is to complain for hours and days about your rejection. You may even feel that you have been the victim of an injustice.

The right way to react is trying to understand the reasons behind this rejection.

You can even ask the person who rejected you the reasons for the rejection to help you do things differently the next time.

In any case, you should use rejection to learn lessons that will make you better.

A rejection that is used wisely will only be one more step toward achieving great things.

5. To Be Judged

The world is clearly divided into three categories of people. The majority category is that represented by people who spend their time criticizing others.

These critics even end up blocking those who would like to take action.

Indeed, many people who wish to take action end up being afraid of being judged by these critics.

This is a monumental mistake that you will have to avoid if you want to accomplish great things.

To help you get out of this fear of other people’s eyes, you need to understand that the simple fact of taking action in life puts you ahead of 99% of people.

You’ll never be able to stop the critics from talking.

Instead of wasting time listening to what they say, you must follow your path by taking action to achieve your ambitious goals.

The best answer you can give to critics will be your great success.

6. Uncertainty

I told you about the comfort zone earlier. The comfort zone represents everything you’re in control of. The comfort zone concept exists on both a personal and professional level.

The comfort zone reassures you.

You know exactly what to do in every situation if you stay in your comfort zone.

It’s reassuring and you don’t have to deal with uncertainty, but it’s also something that gradually buries you in a routine that you’ll find hard to get out of.

This routine will prevent you from taking advantage of the new opportunities that will come your way.

New opportunities are an uncertain world.

But it is precisely this uncertainty that is the charm of life and can make you very successful.

You never know what tomorrow is made of and that is the magic of life.

You must see every obstacle and every new thing as an opportunity.

Just as you must embrace change, you must embrace the new opportunities that make life so uncertain.

In the worst case, you will fail, which will allow you to learn new things and move closer to future success.

So you have everything to gain by stepping out of your comfort zone.


Fear is an emotion vital to man. It is fear that drives us to action. For our ancestors, fear was an essential signal that allowed them to survive in a hostile environment.

Today, fear is still a part of us, but many people have developed irrational fears when faced with stressful situations. These fears play a counterproductive role by preventing them from taking action, whereas fear is supposed to enable people to take action.

This paradox prevents you from achieving great things and success in your life. You must therefore take the problem head on and have the courage to overcome these fears.

This is the price you have to pay to achieve the great success you aspire to.

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