9 Games I Play to Continuously Crush My Productivity With Ease

#1. I play the T20 game with my tasks & time.

Shajedul Karim
Jan 22 · 7 min read
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Trust me, anything with De sucks.

I used to be called the Deproductivator by my friends just because I couldn’t achieve whatever tasks I took on time and even distracted them from theirs.

Give me 24 hours and I’d make it 12 hours, anyhow.

Productivity is hard because it includes you in the equation.

Productivity means pro in doing your activity. And, getting to pro is hard. To get there, you have to act and keep acting until you go pro. Acting is hard, too.

But playing games aren’t. I used to hate the word games earlier but when I approached my tasks with the gamer mindset after a friend of mine was shouting: “man, games are always fun” when he came to my house for dinner and just ate yoghurt and tomato salad, I doubled 24 hours to 48 hours and started achieving double in half the time.

For me, the new definition of productivity is pro in playing your games.

I play eleven games which you can try as well. Surely one of them will work for you. Because when you feel good, half the task is done. The idea is to feel good about everything you do.

1. Play the T20 game with your tasks & time.

Who doesn’t want to be a winner? Who doesn’t want to become a superstar? Who doesn’t want to write a good story?

We all want to be a winner.

I play the T20 game with my (writing) tasks and my time.

Here’s how it goes: if I can finish my writing goal (short and specific — “write 500 words in 20 minutes”), the task wins. If I can’t finish my task, time wins.

The task is the hero here. Time, the villain. I’m just the storyteller. I don’t have anything to lose, but I have control over who I want to win. I’m the producer of the movie. And, making the hero win means I win.

And, doesn’t matter if time (20 mins) wins. Because, even if I take five more minutes to finish the task, my task is finished eventually.

T20 is always popular because everyone wins here.

2. Create your artificial urgency.

Everyone wants your attention with a gentle notification. Why? Let’s think about Facebook. Once Facebook gets your attention, they can control you and maybe get you to purchase something as well. Even if you don’t purchase anything, they track your details and find ways to monetize it to earn billions.

Sometimes you can steal strategies from them and they won’t even know it. I set an alarm for the time I want to finish something and I have to do anything to finish the task before the alarm rings. You are smart and you know deadlines work because you know that now you are last in the line to go dead.

Deadlines and any single girl doesn’t wait for anyone for more than a week.

3. Use fear to stay focused.

You can take the above hack to an extreme level. If your significant other doesn’t motivate you to work on your dream, nobody can.

Talk with your special one and commit: “I’ll finish the task by this deadline and let you know. When I finish my 5,000th task, I’ll marry you. If I break my commitment on any day, we won’t talk for a month. If I break my commitment thrice in a row, you’ll forget me and we won’t talk, ever.”

Losing someone is a powerful motivator. Take advantage of that. Of course, this is a bit dramatized, but it works. You can also do this with your best friend like I do if you don’t have a special one yet.

This is fun.

Behind every successful man isn’t any woman. She is beside him.

4. Make distraction your reward.

I love this hack because it guarantees my daily task list will be turned into a green page. Because all the tasks will be struck off with my green pen. Yeah, I strike it off not once, fifty times. Just out of excitement and happiness to finish.

A strong urge to scroll Facebook now? Just finish writing that blog post for 20 minutes and reward yourself Facebook once you are done.

Eager to watch that new video song? Let’s finish your grocery at first.

Why not finish the laundry before finally chilling on Netflix?

Distractions are the easiest thing to do because we don’t need motivation or willpower to have fun.

Let distraction be your reward. Try it. It’s fun. It does most of the work.

Every distraction is good. Prove this to your parents.

5. Make a quick decision to kill the confusion and jump into action.

You’re working on your daily task and your mom calls you from the kitchen: “Your cousin will get married next week. Go, arrange the vehicle and plan the timing to pick up everyone for the marriage.”

You hear that and that’s exciting. Marriage is always fun. Delicious food. Cool girls. Hot boys. Arranging and organizing wedding trip makes you seem like the boss.

But that too is demanding your time. The next two day you’ll keep thinking and wondering how to arrange everything properly. Whether to put your friend’s mom or his girlfriend in this car and whatnot. This stops your important progress.

Enjoy the marriage. But don’t be responsible to arrange it. Simply delegate the task to others because arranging a wedding won’t move you towards your dream goals, anyway, unless you want to propose a girl in the wedding.

Unless a decision is crucial, small, unnecessary decisions like what to have today, which dress to wear or which toothbrush to use today can be avoided to kill confusions, therefore frustrations and finally jump into your desired action.

Actions are just under the decision bridge you are walking in.

6. Mix emotional curry with your task rice.

"I don’t feel like doing” isn’t your unique excuse. Nobody loves whatever they do. We do it because we have to. We do it because it’s a necessity.

Once you mix emotional curry with your task rice, doing the task becomes easier and fun.

The emotion curry is your dire purpose to do the task: could be to impress someone, get to the top of the company or to become a good human being to finally get the permission to marry.

Have a curry and eating the rice is so tasty.

7. Convert negative thinking into positive action.

Negative thinking stops us from acting. “I can’t do this” is negative thinking. “I can give it a try to learn something new” is a positive action you can apply.

Convert your fears to power. And your tasks won’t dare to disturb you ever.

*now me to fear: “wanna demotivate me? c’mon buddy, let’s play.”

8. Save your life with instant gratification.

Even if I forget to thank God daily, I never forget to thank my instant gratification cells.

Reading is hard. Reading to find an idea for writing in the next hour is fun.

Consuming podcasts is hard. Extracting the concepts to record a video and share it on YouTube today is fun.

Studying is hard. Impressing your special one the next day in the class by explaining those lesson to your friends is fun.

Take this to a better level: I have to consume YouTube to gain better perspectives to write. I don’t only consume it, I consume to write a summary of it in the comments section right away. People are benefited by it. While summarizing, the concepts get carved deep into my mind as well. That’s my instant gratification.

Instant gratification is never out of battery. It is a life-saver.

9. Try conditional rewarding.

I was going to buy a hoodie for me today. While halfway on the road, I remember I haven’t finished my school assignment.


I return home.

I set a game. If I can finish the assignment in 30 minutes, I’ll go buy the hoodie. I was going to buy the hoodie anyway, but now it becomes my reward for my accomplishment.

Now whenever I see the hoodie, I feel good. “Ohh, this is my assignment completion hoodie. Yay!”

Going to buy the latest Nike shoe? Let’s finish your Digital Marketing course first then go buy. Don’t wear the shoe. Wear the shoe of your success. “Ohh, this is my digital certification shoe.”

Here’s my instant gratification:

I’m summarizing the points here.

Enjoy every moment you live in life. You’ll always find a lot of options to be dead in life.

The easiest person to fool in this world is you. People who face a breakup lies to you. The heart isn’t innocent. Your brain is more innocent than Keanu Reeves.

  1. People love T20 because nobody loses here.
  2. Urgency always works because it’s UR (your) GEN (gentle) CY (resiliency).
  3. Fear of losing someone can get you to move mountains.
  4. You don’t need motivation to be distracted.
  5. Every action is below the decision bridge you are walking in.
  6. Emotional curry makes your task tasty.
  7. A negative thought is a positive action.
  8. Instant gratification is more addictive than cigarettes.
  9. Wear the shoe of your success.

Fool yourself to take action and crush your productivity.

The Ascent

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Shajedul Karim

Written by

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

The Ascent

The Ascent is a community of storytellers documenting the journey to a happier and healthier way of living. Join thousands of others making the climb on one of the top publications on Medium.

Shajedul Karim

Written by

My story might not matter but it'll gently touch your interior and remind you how smarter you are. Google forced to include numbers: shajedul.karim.01@gmail.com

The Ascent

The Ascent is a community of storytellers documenting the journey to a happier and healthier way of living. Join thousands of others making the climb on one of the top publications on Medium.

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