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Be The Comeback Kid Of Your Own Life Story!

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So, you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but never finished college. You’ve gained a few pounds and wish you could run a marathon. You regret not standing up to that bully or boss. You wonder what the group of kids you built a robot with in fourth grade was doing now. You plan to go on that special trip as soon as you save the money or pay for Mary’s braces.

Maybe it is really simple. You keep promising the kids you’ll take them out for ice cream but work keeps getting in the way. It could be you’ve written a song or a book but you’re too afraid to hear what someone thinks of it. You had a fight last week but your pride keeps getting in the way of saying I’m sorry. Perhaps you really wanted to play guitar or become an artist but became an accountant instead.

Maybe you have been sitting there, waiting for someone to tell you what to do or bail you out, or you are waiting for that perfect person/job/opportunity that never seems to come.

We’ve all got stories and we’ve all got regrets.

More importantly, we’ve all got choices.

Have you been the type of person that cares more about what other people think or say about you, rather than what you think about yourself? Has a fear of doing what you want to do ever been a weight around your ankles? Are you living the life of obligations and responsibilities rather than the joy of discovery? Do you sit on the beach sweating because the fear of going in the water stops you?

What have you learned from the challenges life has presented to you? Has it included bitterness, jealousy, victimhood, hate, distrust, greed, or fear? Or did you learn a good work ethic, compassion for others, appreciation for what you have, joy in nature, how to get along with others or how to stretch a dollar?

How you look at life and what you take from it matters.


For most of us, big change only comes as a result of a health challenge. Many times it is too late at that point.

Fear of death is a good motivator.

People that have come through after a near-death experience (NDE) explained they found new meaning and purpose in their lives. Many seemed to have an increase in self-esteem. Others not only appreciated their own value but the value of those they came in contact with — people, animals, or the environment.

Their NDE forced them to reexamine relationships; engaging with those they valued and letting go of those that no longer served their new view. Some quit jobs and pursued something they never told anyone they had always wished to try. Some divorced.

Why do we wait to do the things we really want to do? Why are you waiting? What needs to change for you to walk fearlessly through life, losing the weight, becoming an expert on a subject you love, grasping at opportunities to travel, learning a new language or subject, having a passionate affair with your spouse, or spending quality time with your children?


Michael J. Tamura wrote in his book; You Are the Answer, “If we’ve been selling our soul piecemeal to our fears and insecurities, burying ourselves ever deeper into trenches of resistance and denial, we can be certain the call will come again and again until we finally heed it.”

“Often our purpose encourages us to dig deeper, discover the truth of the situation, bring in new awareness, and change our ways.” Michael J. Tamura

I challenge you to begin to ask, how can I serve my life? How can I honor my time here? What can I do today that will lessen the regrets I will have in my later years/tomorrow/next week?

Tamura says, “When we open the curtains to let in the sunlight, we often discover, for the first time, how dirty the room is.” Be prepared for that and don’t let it stop you. Welcome it. In order to clean you have to find the dirt. To have a clear path, you must organize. Know what you are dealing with. “You must first love yourself and be sufficiently committed to yourself to risk the consequences of your discoveries. Have the courage to explore their darker recesses of your heart mind and soul.”


I got out of the pool last week, and gravity came back with a vengeance. I told my physical therapist I felt like a three hundred pound weight was suddenly attached to my body. I’ll never forget it.

How much mental, physical, or emotional baggage are you carrying? How many regrets are stuffed into your backpack of life? How many ‘I wishes’ and ‘if only’s’ are weighing you down? How many grudges, secret hexes, or blame have you cast?

“The fastest means of resolving karma comes from the soul (you)choosing to fully forgive and by doing so, the soul (you) reclaims all the energy it invested and discharges all power out of it . Complete forgiveness allows one to transcend.”

Tamura suggests we go inward and discover what really moves us because that is where our treasure lies. Our job is to become the best me we can be in this body. The me I choose — not the me of someone else’s expectations.

You have a choice, at this moment to continue doing things the way you have always done, thinking the way you always have, believing what you have always believed or becoming a Comeback Kid.

As Tamura says, you’ll see dirt, and you won’t like it. You’ll be disappointed that you let things get this far, but it won’t be too late. You have time to uncover, organize, pack away, or give away and redecorate this life of yours.

I think you can do it. I know I’m going to try.



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